VNC Local Printing

I thought a couple of weeks ago that when I was on site that I saw a different version of VNC other than Tightvnc or just vnc that prints locally and has file transfer capability.

Anyone seen it.
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I've never seen a version of VNC that supports that stuff.  Remote Administrator supports file transfer and Remote Desktop supports the printers, and I think Remote Administrator version 3 will also support printers.
All VNC-tightVNC support printing and file transfer.  When you VNC to remote computer, like you are sitting in front of that computer.  So all printers installed on remote computer are ready for use, and all file shares on remote computer are ready for use.   With right thinking, there is no problem.

On remote, you see .......  \\your computer\yourprinter and ..... \\yourcomuputer\cdrive\shared\
So what is problem?  You can print to these printers and copy files to these shares.
Maybe you forget the when VNC into remote computer, its same as sitting in front of that computer.
UltraVNC has built-in file transfer
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stevegw62Author Commented:
Sorry everyone I am sure there is another version, I will chat to the client on Monday and let you all know.

The points are still up for grabs until Monday afternoon
I'm not where I can access my machine I use TightVNC from right now, but if I remember correctly, the development version of TightVNC (1.3) added some new features, one of which was file transfer. I've been using the development viewer against both the 1.29 and 1.3 server, and it seems to work pretty well.

I'm not sure about local printing (never wanted to do that, so I never looked into it), but I suppose you could always transfer the file from the remote to the local, and then print it.
Nathan RomanoSystems ConsultantCommented:
It is logmein

it is safer than vnc
it allows printing
allows copy/paste
file trasnfers
remote admin.... it is the coolest program ever.
try it, if you like it you can have the pro or it reach for a fee or have what you need for free.

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stevegw62Author Commented:
Sorry everyone my mistake
It was Ultravnc I used before and I was misinformed it has no local printing only
file transfer
Points went to nathan because I like Remote Admin
and I will try logmein sounds like what I could also use
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