wildcard and mysql query - select all that matches 4* to 47* etc

I'm fairly new to PHP and I have a question.

I am trying to select all that matches the range [some number] to [some number] and allow the range to have wildcards inside a function. Variables are passed in (user input)

    $Query = "SELECT Num FROM table WHERE ";    
    // for wild cards
    $WildLow = substr_count($LOW, "*");
    $WildHigh = substr_count($HIGH, "*");
    $TempLow = str_replace("*", "", $LOW);
    $TempHigh = str_replace("*", "9999999999", $HIGH);

    // query with wildcards
    if ( ($WildLow > 0) || ($WildHigh > 0) ) {
      $Query .= " Num >= '$TempLow' ";
      $Query .= " AND ";
      $Query .= " Num <= 'TempHigh' ";
      GetRangeArray ($List, $Index, $Query);

  However I keep getting invalid as its result whenever i pass in "*" as the range input.

  Any suggestions? Thanks.

ALso, what does this regular expression mean?       $Result = ereg("^[0-9\*]{1,". "10" . "}$", $Num);
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Giovanni GCTOCommented:
first you are missing a $ sign inside your if statement (see that TempHigh?),

second, it is an ugly approach. I would do something like this:

    $WildLow = substr_count($LOW, "*");
    $WildHigh = substr_count($HIGH, "*");
    $TempLow = str_replace("*", "0", $LOW);
    $TempHigh = str_replace("*", "0", $HIGH);

    // query with wildcards
    $Query .= "Num >= '$TempLow'";
    $Query .= " AND ";
    if ($WildHigh > 0)
      $Query .= "Num <= '$TempHigh'";
      $Query .= "1"; // always true

not sure i really understood you problem, but this may probably help.


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yooniquelyAuthor Commented:
Why is the last one always true?

Thanks in advance.
Otherwise you will get something like:

Num >= '10' (your $TempLow)
AND (NOTHING... because $TempHigh is not >0)...

that is why he puts in the 1, you will then get AND 1 at the end... wich is the TRUE ThG speaks about
yooniquelyAuthor Commented:
Yeah, the script is actually right, I had problems in other parts of the script. Thanks anyway.
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