Using Hex values in sed

I am trying to identify a tab value in my sed command.  I have tried \t but that doesn't work.  I was trying \x09 as a hexidecimal search but I found that I must be formatting it incorrectly because no hex value will work.  The format for the find part of my sed command is /\x09/ I hope someone who knows more about sed than I do (probably most of the world's population) can correct my sed expression.  Thanks in advance.
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Kent OlsenDBACommented:
Hi Bob_Conard,

There are different implementations of sed running around.  :)  That said, most of them don't recognize '\t' as TAB.  As crazy as this sounds, retype your sed expression, but literally press the TAB key where you have '\t' in the expression.

Good Luck!

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Bob_ConardAuthor Commented:
That not only sounded crazy, it looked crazy as I keyed it in.  But it worked!!!
Thanks a lot Kent.
Kent OlsenDBACommented:
Hi Bob_Conard,

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as already said: standard (AT&T, Berkley) sed does not support \t or hex values
use GNU's sed or a literal tab, how to key in literal tabs depend on your shell and its settings

gheist, which sed on which platform understands this?
Read TFM ....
\009 is the one.

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