Boot from CD not working

I have built my new computer, important specs are:
1GB Crucial Ballistix RAM
ATI Radeon X850XT
Asus P5WD2 Mobo

I tried booting from CD, with a linux kernel I got the penguin and a loading screen before I had any errors, with the windows CD I get nothing.

Any suggestions?
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Does the Windows CD work on other computers?
Also, what kind of errors was Linux giving?
benwiggyAuthor Commented:
A KANOTIX error or something like that...
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benwiggyAuthor Commented:
And yes the windows CD works on other computers...
Test you RAM with memtest86+ with at least 5 passes if there are no errors on the first pass ( You could also try the UBCD which also has memtest on it, but also some other tests you could use for your system ( Also make sure you have set your BIOS to reset to failsafe mode.

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You did not say anything about the power supply; if it is an older one, it may not deliver enough power.
check what is needed here :      
benwiggyAuthor Commented:
PSU is new 400W Akasa and is fine - will try ultimatebootcd...
benwiggyAuthor Commented:
A windows 2000 disk works :S
benwiggyAuthor Commented:
Ok the disk was an upgrade copy - will award points as fairly as possible
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