(Urgent) Is Nero Recode 2 the best option for 1:1 quality & smallest file size? Also can customers source dvd/cd etc be made like authors original (master) version quality and/or best optimized?

..as I heard Quicktime was meant to be excellent but I couldn't really work out how to do it.

Does anyone know what's the best?

Can the customers source dvd/cd etc be made like authors original (master) version quality and/or best optimized?

Kind Regards,
Serotonin X Infinite
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huntersvcsRetired ITCommented:
A short quote from CDFREAKS.COM :

"When looking at the usage of each codec there is only one clear winner, namely Nero Digital (actually we should say Nero Recode 2 since the Nero Digital codec is set-up via this software). When you encode a movie to the DivX or XViD format you will also need to use another software like VirtualDub to set-up the codec. However VirtualDub has a lot of settings which are not easy to understand for inexperienced users. Experienced users will perhaps prefer VirtualDub over Ahead's Recode software but since we're looking at the codecs from a novice point-of-view, Nero Digital is by far the easiest codec to use. An example we can give here is that Nero Digital automatically crops the movie, for DivX and XViD the user needs to do this himself via VirtualDub."

All the testing isn't in yet - they are still looking into it . . . but it looks like, for ease of use, the Nero is a good bet.  But remember what is said above:  Experienced users with a lot of know-how, may prefer VirtualDub because of control issues.

Hope this helps.

huntersvcsRetired ITCommented:
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Serotonin_X_InfiniteAuthor Commented:
Using OS X Tiger now so if anyone's still intesrested let me know to cancel close.
huntersvcsRetired ITCommented:
With Nero Recode 2, non-copy-protected DVD films can be compressed into Nero Digital format yet still offer top quality video. User can then playback Nero Digital format with Nero ShowTime 2. With Nero MediaHome, users can then share Nero Digital content through any UPnP or DLNA-compliant multimedia device, PC, or laptop in a home network. With NeroVision Express 3, videos can be captured, edited, and exported to Nero Digital file format. In addition, Nero Digital Pro also contains the full version of Nero PhotoSnap editor and PhotoSnap Viewer. Nero PhotoSnap offers a variety of functions for digitally processing photos.

Nero Digital is a complete audio/video codec solution based on the MPEG-4 standard, but also supports the MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 codec, already adapted as a mandatory codec for future standards, such as HD DVD and Blu-ray. Its compression technology allows for large volumes of data to be saved. Video material is compressed to about 20% of its original volume, delivering top quality results that can be shared and used on mobile devices. Nero Digital videos can be played back on PCs running the Nero Digital codec and on the growing number of certified Nero Digital consumer electronic devices.

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huntersvcsRetired ITCommented:
Glad to help :-)

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