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I am in a situation where I would like to provide wireless internet access to our the patients in our medical facility while they are at the office.  I don't want to run things wide open and unencrypted, but I also don't want a security setup that the average user can't handle or that we will have to spend time helping them setup.  What I was thinking was some sort of dongle or usb type device that would plug into their laptops and allow them onto the network while the device is plugged in.  When they leave they turn in the device.  That way we have keep the security of our wireless in 2 ways both encryption and physical device.  I have tried several unsuccesful internet searches, does anyone have any idea of a product that would fit this requirement?  Or maybe another solution?

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if you use any type of encryption preferably WPA with PSK and then have mac address level security ( Access point has list of allowed devices by MAC address).

You can then grant access to the network the devices you hand out as there MAC address is in the system... all others will be denied.

You will also be transmitting encryted traffic so it will be very difficult for someone to hijack.

User would simply plug in.... type password then away they go.

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