How do I setup DNS to point to a specific server location that hosts my Intranet web page?

I have set up an Intranet web page on our network, but don't want my users to have to type the name of the server and the specific folder location to access this resource.  

I am wanting to set up DNS, so that when the user types "intranet" - or some other catchy name like "CompanyNet" - into their web browser, it will automatically take them to the Intranet web page.  As of now, I have only been able to point DNS to my server by IP address and not to this specific location.  This location does not have an IP address, but a specific file location.  How can I point it to this deeper file level location on my server?

My DNS already has an enty for "mail" that when typed it takes users to OWA, but OWA is located on another server that already has a specific IP address.  How can I take this same idea, but apply it to a location that is deeper on my server hosting this Intranet site?

The folder that has my Intranet is located at \\servername\intranet.  As of now if a user types "http://intranet" in a browser it takes them right to our public Internet web page, which is hosted by the same server.  Right now my public web site is accessible internally at IP address  I know very little about DNS, but figure that is where this change needs to be made.

I am offering 500 points to the person who can explain this process, and assist me in getting this set up correctly.  Thanks!
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You don't want to register a DNS entry for this.  You only want to register the WINS address for this server.  This can be done either through the LMHOSTS file or you WINS server if you using a Windows domain.

Are you running a Windows 2000/2003 domain?

If you are it might be better to deploy a "group policy"

Goto Start > Run > gpedit.msc and apply to the domain, or the User OU...
Change the following
User configuration > Windows Settings > URL's > Important URL's then change the default homepage to http://intranet.

Everyone who logs onto the domain will get the default intranet page.

da2beauAuthor Commented:
I follow your suggestion on setting the home page via group policy editor - I like this idea, thanks very much for that.  

Unfortunately I have no experience with LMHOSTS files and I am not sure how to do what you are suggesting.  Can you walk me through how to configure LMSHOSTS to point to the "intranet" or "companynet" naming convention that I wish to set up for this?

da2beauAuthor Commented:
I should have included in my last post that I am running a mixed environment of Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 servers.  My Intranet web site is running on the Windows 2000 server.  It does not appear we are running WINS, and don't even see a listing for it in Administrative Tools.  I am a networking 'hack' and so you might need to be very descriptive in any suggestions you might have.  thanks.
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I think its rather easyer to setup your webserver correct. I don't say to not use the LMHOST method but its old fashion.

1 question:
Is there allready a website listening on port 80 on your webserver besides the one you want to make availlable.

If this is not the case do the folowing...

* Login to your server
* Open Administrative tools
* Open Internet Information Services
* Open the standard website folders properties
* Got to the "Home Directory" tab
* Change the path to the location of your pages...
* Also check the listening port number... This should be correct from standard but you never know.
* Save your settings and check that you can browse your pages directly
-->> E.G. http://yourservername
* If this works then you should also be able to browse
-->> E.G. http://companynet
Like you stated in your DNS server...

Hope this helps you, I should actually take bout 10 minutes to get this running...

And now that I'm typing... The method about the group policy is a good sugestion but the way its described is not a real good way to work. When you do this users are still allowed to change these homepages or startpage. You should setup your policy in the "Internet Explorer Maintainance Policy"

>> Open your Administrative tools ->> Users and Computers
>> User configuration
>> Windows
>> Internet Explorer Maintainance
>> URL's
>> Important URL's
>> Adjust the home page over here your your company web

Closes all screens and let the users logoff/logon


Rikke Van Puymbroeck

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Install IIS on your intranet server. Once that is installed (part of your server OS, "Add Remove Programs", "Add Remove Windows Copmponents", "Application Server"), you can use the "Internet Information Services Manager" to redirect the virtual host to the directory you select.
WINS is the Microsoft standard for mapping Netbios names (like you suggested you wanted above e.g. Intranet or CompanyNET).  I have provided a link from the Microsoft site giving you more information.

It's very easy to setup if you don't already have it and will not impact you current environment, more than likely improve..  You can add multiple entries like mentioned above to the one ip address.

Hi da2beau,

Have you made the changes yet?
da2beauAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all that suggested solutions and taking the time to assist me.  The info that rikke_vp offered is what seemed to work best for my environment.

In addition to rikke_vp's remarks, I had to add a host in DNS that pointed my website name to the IP address of the host server.

I also set up an "Internet Explorer Maintainance Policy" group policy, so that all domain user's home page to the new intranet site.  All is running great, smooth, and best of all no complaints.  

Thanks again!
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