Error Installing Sendmail on Mandrake Limited Edition 2005


During an attempt to install Sendmail on My Linux Box, I get the following Error:

"There was a problem during the installation:
file /etc/pam.d/smtp from install of sendmail-8.13.3-2mdk
conflicts with file from package postfix-2.1.5-6mdk"

I wanted to set up Sendmail on My PC, but, evidently there's an issue.

How can I get this to work?

If Not, what can I use for My php Code so that the following line of code will work?

Thank You.

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I think the install will succeed if you remove the postfix package first (rpm -e postfix-2.1.5-6mdk).

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FirstBornAuthor Commented:
Hi jlevie,

Thanks for participating.

I hadn't done My due diligence before posting this Q.
I found that postfix is an alternative to sendmail.

Which do You prefer?
postfix or sendmail?

... and, Most Importantly, which would be Easier for Me to Configure?


Which MTA to use is something of "a religious question". There are folks that prefer Postfix and those that prefer Sendmail (or qmail or whatever). I personally prefer Sendmail, but then I've been using it for over twenty years.

In the general case Postfix or Sendmail on any recent version of Linux will pretty much work for outgoing mail "out of the box", so either should be fine for use from within PHP.  Inbound mail services may require some small edits (like removing the localhost restriction for Sendmail on some linux distros).

One thing that you always want to do in PHP is to explictly specify the envelope sender email address. Otherwise the mail will appear to be from apache@localhost, nobody@localhost, etc and many Internet mail servers will reject such mail. That's easily done by including an extra argument in the mail() command, see Example 3 at
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