Proper User Rights and Accessing a TRAMS Interbase Database

I have inherited an accounting office where all accountants have Domain Admin on a SBS2003 server.  The users use Quickbooks and Trams Back Office 1.09.  From what I can see, Trams uses an interbase database.  Quickbooks permissions were solved easily enough, but Trams is giving me a hard time.  

 They have full access to the fileshare where the Trams database is located, yet they cannot login unless they are a domain admin.  I consistently get the error message "cannot attach to password database".  Even full local admin does not give access.

I have seen some posts about changing the way you call the path on the alias ie //SERVER/D\Shared\Trams\Trams.gdb but all the variations I have seen, I always I get "I/O error reading the database".  I am testing with SYSDBA and the default pass.  I am not familiar with Interbase / Trams enough to know exactly what I am doing with IB Console.  Trams tech support just keeps telling me to upgrade to something newer than 1.09.  

Does anyone have a solution for me?  Thanks - BastOp
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Nick UpsonPrincipal Operations EngineerCommented:
an interbase database is not accessed via fileshare, indeed it should not be in a shared area. any request is sent to the interbase server process on the server which handles it and then replies with the results.

what connection method are you using (e.g. bde, odbc, ...)

I'm not clear on what you wish to achieve.
The IB database MUST be a local file for the server. The server will REFUSE to open a database file, located in a file share, regardless of the permissions.
The clients are connecting to the server, giving its name and the name of the database file. You can choose between NetBEUI and TCP/IP type of connection.
TCP/IP - the connection string is in the form IP_ADDRESS_OF_THE_SERVER:PATH_TO_DATABASE_FILE. Example :\databases\my_dbfile.gdb (Windows server), (Unix server), etc.
NetBEUI - the form of the connection string is \\servername\path_to_database_file.gdb. Example : \\myservername\c:\db\file.gdb. This works only for windows server.

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BastOpAuthor Commented:
tkalchev - so you mean to say I MUST use IBconsole to make the connection to the server?  IBconsole was requiring a valid alias before going any further.  Maybe I should create the alias and use IBconsole to create the connection AS a domain admin, then remove the rights once everything is workign?  

For the question on how I am connecting to the DB (via OBDC?)... I am not a programmer.  We have an application called Trams Back Office which is accessing the DB and I'm not sure how it goes about it.  Thanks for the tips and keep them coming!
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Type the local path to the DB in the ibconsole  (c:\path\file.gdb)
Nick UpsonPrincipal Operations EngineerCommented:
the IB alias is not a fileshare alias, it's an alias for a full pathname (e.g. servername:c:\databases\my_dbfile.gdb), it's defined in the interbase configuration (location of which depends upon which version you have)
Nick UpsonPrincipal Operations EngineerCommented:
easiest solution to start with maybe to run IBconsole on the same machine as the database (not remote desktop, there can be issues with something not working). Then you can just locally navigate to the .gdb file to open it
BastOpAuthor Commented:
I got it!  I ended up reinstalling Trams and setting up a new alias in the form of servername:d:\path\db.GDB

I think my issue before was I was doing the netbeui type alias.  Thank you tkalchev for distinguishing the differences between the two types of aliases.  

Thank you all for your comments and help.  
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