Windows XP welcome screen

how to make my own WINDOWS XP welcome screen not the boot screen ??
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I'm pretty certain ThemeXP will do that.
udara7Author Commented:
nop...i wanna make my own,not 2 download smeone's welcome screen......
HTML5 and CSS3 Fundamentals

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Does this help?

The utility enables you to use alternative log-on executables, which include all of the information you need to replace your Welcome and Shutdown graphics.
LOL! I still need to type faster. That's what my link says.   : )
With ThemeXP you can make your own theme, their tool applies the selected (or user created) theme to the OS so you can still create your own look.
udara7Author Commented:
im talking abt the welcome screen guys, not the boot screen.......i already know how to edit windows xp boot screen,all i wanna know is how to edit the damn welcome screen.....
If you REALLY wan't to do it yourself ...
you can swap it ..even without xp noticing

NOTICE : .. BE CAREFULL ... RH can screw up your system if not used properly

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