Need to sync data on 2 comp conn only to Internet

I have 2 servers not on a LAN. They are both on the Internet.   I need to have the data folder on server A update with Server B.  Whats the most reliable trustworthy method to use?  Im thinking maybe PC Anywhere, or maybe FTP server and schedule the client to upload files not present on the target.  Ive tried this about 4 years ago but didnt find something that I could depend on.  Sometimes it would sync, others not.  Also Im concerned that if the method is by looking at dates of files, what if the target comp gets time messed up and all the files are deleted on both machines?

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first of all, for security you are best to use a VPN to connect them first.  can you get a pptp vpn connection happening between them?

once done, any data transfer between then will be safely encrypted.  you can use ftp server on one or both sides and use some kind of ftp mirror client to keep them updated.

else you might consider 'microsoft content replication system' which is packaged with something like site server or similar.


You may want to look at a version of rsync, which can do it quite reliabily.

Else, an automated scripted to do it over a method such as sftp or ftp will work.  Depending on the data being transferred, you may want to use encryption.

Depending on the size of the data and the connection between the two computers, you may want to use an incrimental updating program to reduce the amount of data going through.  

Personally, I would try to automate it as much as possible, therefor depending on your scripting level, if I was in your shoes, I'd have a program take care of the automation doing an incrimental update as needed, using a method that meets your needs.  Ie: sftp if you need encryption.
all good answers, however i will throw in my pennies worth here.  to keep things simple and secure i would recommend using a VPN appliance at each location.  you can check out watchguard soho's or sonicwall soho's.  they will work great for your situation and provide you with security.  i would then checkout a program called peersync.  it is a great program that works on windows servers and is specifically designed to replicate directories via changes to the directory in realtime or scheduled checks and syncs.  it also has a byte replicator feature that will only transmit peices of the file that have changed and not the entire file.  this is a must for internet connections.  especially those that use vpn and encryption as the encryption eats up a lot of the bandwidth.  i dont believe rsync is byte replication.

hope this helps.

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