move data from one database to another

I have 2 databases... One on my remote web server.... and one on my local hard drive.... I need to take recordsets from my local hard drive and add them to my database on my remote web server... What i was planning on doing is just open a connection to both and start looping through the recordsets on my computer and creating a query to add it to the remote database... Is there  abettter way of doing this? HOW DO I CONNECT TO A REMOTE DATABASE????
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You can connect to the remote server just by giving the ip in the connection string
u will be having the connection string as
instead of "localhost" u can give the ip of the remote server

Hope by this u will be able to connect to the remote server

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what database is this? SQL server? do u have permissions to make remote connection using IP .. if yes, is this a one time job? If yes, then use SQL server's DTS .. its much eaiser and faster .. also provides u with a good wizard ..
I agree with Rejojohny, DTS is the way to go...but just to clarify something...they aren't just for 'one time jobs'..DTS's can be scheduled to run.
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Gunit2507Author Commented:
is a MS access database

Do you have an example connection string?
both r MS access? is the source is MS access and destination is SQL server, u could still use DTS .. if this has to be done programitacally, u could create a package of the import process (DTS package) and call it programitaclly from ur code .. have a look here for more information and sample code ..
Gunit2507Author Commented:
the destination is not a SQL server
have a look at this link for all types of connection strings ...

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