install solaris on pentium

I want to install solaris on my laptop. (compaq nc 6000).
from sun site i found it is compatible for soalris10.

i have downloaded 5 CD from sun site for solaris10.  My Hard Disk has formatted as FAT32.
i put cd1 to cdrom but its always directly open to windows xp.

pls help me to install this. i am very biginner in solaris/linux. can anybody tell me every steps in details ?  thanks

my computer config. HP Compaq nc6000 laptop, Windows XP, Centrino
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There are two hings that could be wrong:

Eigther you burned the CD's in a wrong way (not bootable) or your laptop does not try to boot from cdrom.

- If your laptop is booted and you enter cd1... do you see only one file or many ? (if you see only one you did not burn the cd in a correct way)
- If you boot some other PC with CD1 does boot from CD-Rom ?
- Suppose it starts booting from CD on another PC, go into the bios of your Laptop and see where you can boot from cd.
Also don't forget u can make a boot floppy if needed.

But as started before it's more then likely your CD-ROM isn't setup for booting from.

shahidpAuthor Commented:
i have uncompressed the downloaded soalris file and found .iso files
burn a CD with that .iso file
configure my boot option to CD-ROM
put that .iso CD into CD_ROM, but it does not boot.

could u pls say a more details about how to do? many thanks...

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when you burn the CD with that .iso file you need to say burn cd-image and then specify the .iso-file as the cd-image.

tell me which software you use to burn if you need help about this.

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shahidpAuthor Commented:
ya,,, that was mistake....thanks..
shahidpAuthor Commented:
but now..another q....

which oracle should i install?  oracle for windows or oracle for soalris ?  or there is different oracle for soalris x86?

thanks again
Depends on the version of oracle you want.... as for Oracle 10g there is a special release for solaris x86

If you want some earlier release then I think I used the Linux-Release of oracle, but I did not do this for quite some time now, so maybe oracle 9/linux wont work under solaris.
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