Why i cant use other network segment for my vpn client to access internet and trusted zone?

hi Irmoore,

i have successfully configured to allow the external user access to the trusted zone plus suft internet. i have set the split tunneling for my internal network address to be so..if i use the ip pool for 192.168.1.x network and it working fine.

But if i choose to use other logical network address example to .5.10...the internet access is working fine but i cant access to my tursted network. i ping to anyone of the pc or server within the trusted network and get no reply...pls advise..thks

since i have allow the vpn client to access our trusted zone ( network and if i choose ip pool 192.168.5.x and the range is till fall into the above should be able to suft net and access the trusted resource rite...but now i can't..pls advise?

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I dont know to what original question this is a follow on to but I would guess that although you have defined a new ip pool for vpn clients you might have forgotten to exclude traffic to this new ip pool from being NAT'd.
Can you post your complete config?

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