hyperterminal in win2003

I recently installed win2003 standard to the network and i was looking for hyperterminal and it wasnt installed with windows 2003
i try to install it from windows component and it ask for win2003 sp1 and when i insert the cd but it wont find hypertrm.dll
i tried to locate the file on the cd i couldnt find it ?
is win2003 doesnt come with hyperterminal or what

Note: i need hyperterminal to configure my firewall through it.

Thanks For the help
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Maybe you have a bad CD? Try another (I have hyperterminal installed on a windows 2003 server). Anyway, why do you want to setup your firewall from the server? Use a workstation (Laptop) for that. The server shouldn't be missused for such tasks.
fadihuCTOAuthor Commented:
the cd is fine i just cant find the hyperterminal in the cd like its not included, and i think ya ill use my laptop for the firewall setting, i just dont want to remove the firewall from the server thats it.
is there anyway we can download hyperterminal ?!
File may be named... HYPERTRM.DL_

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Server 2003 comes with Hyperterminal; but what the machine actually wants (despite the confusing message) is not the CD with the SP on it, it wants the Server 2003 CD. If it refuses to accept the installation CD, saying the service pack level doesn't match, you'll have to create a slipstreamed version of Server 2003 first, then use the slipstreamed folder to look for the missing elements:
Windows Server 2003 SP Slipstreaming
fadihuCTOAuthor Commented:
I found the file hyperterminal but it was under the name hypertrm.pdb.dll and other one is hypertrm.pdb.exe
they where in in side .cab file named symbols.cab how i can install it ? or what should i do ?
If you can see these files using explorer, you should be able to extract these files just by copying them out from the cab file to somewhere on your system, like the desktop. If that doesn't work, go to your command prompt and enter expand /? which gives you the syntax on how to extract these files from the cab file.
fadihuCTOAuthor Commented:
the symbols.cab only hold debug toolz,
i dont get it why i cant find the hypertrm.dll or .DL_ in the cd its orignal cd not copy or illegal and oem and i got the box and it was sealed, is there anyother porgram work like hyperterminal and pix501 can accept it
Doesn't pix just run through telnet? You can enter telnet from a command prompt. May putty is a good tool for you as well.


Use this: It's basically an updated version of what microsoft packages. http://www.hilgraeve.com/htpe/index.html

Exact same interface, and downloading it is easier than looking for a CD.
The necessary files should be on the Server 2003 CD, directly in the \i386 folder: HYPERTRM.DL_, HYPERTRM.EX_, HYPERTRS.HL_, HYPRTRMS.CH_.

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fadihuCTOAuthor Commented:
ops i clicked on the wrong accepted answer, sorry simpt1zq i was going to give you the points but by mistake i clicked on oBdA answer, sorry again and thanks for your help, also thanks all
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