Remote control and parental control

I have 2 childern (12 and 14 yerars old)and in my house i have 4 pcs (3 desktop and 1 laptop). Each children have seperate rom and have pc there. I have Dsl 24 hr internet. Now i want to control what my childrens do in their pcs. and i want to do it remotely. Is there any soft ware to do that. mainly i want to know what they are chatting. they use both yahoo and msn messengers. I heard abut a software that send mail to my address what they chatt but i dont remember the name. Can any one help me to control my childrens??
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Here is a program at

This seems to do what you want.
duelasAuthor Commented:
is there any free software
Here are some free keyloggers:

It may be hard to find many keyloggers that are free that offer the remote monitoring you are asking for. Most keyloggers offer a free version but then you have to buy the full version to enable remote access/e-mail notifications. Also, if the PCs you want to monitor have a good antivirus/spyware removal software, the keylogger will most likely be detected.
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Social commentary time.

I strongly suggest that you not invade your children's privacy and spy on them to such a degree.  You will surely alienate them and may never be able to undo the damage.  I'm not a young radical but rather a middle aged grandfather.  If I had dine something similar to my daughter, probably would seldom see her or my grandson now.  There has to be some level of trust.

Also.  4 PCs, DSL service, and then want free software to do your spying.  Sorry deulas, won't help you on this one.
I would have to disagree with willcomp to a certain extent. I know folks who use programs like this to monitor their kids and it saved their lives. Others have kept their kids from making VERY bad choices. There will ALWAYS be a 2 sided argument regarding spying on your kids. I for one am all about privacy, but a young child or teenager who is not yet an adult should not have that 100% right to privacy. Yes, your kids should have their privacy, but I feel (opinion here!) that there should be a limit.
With all that said uelas, it all comes down to your decision and your decision only. This is my opinion only, we are here to help folks, please don't let this turn into an argument over privacy. We should simply answer duelas question.
I'm of the mindset - "You're under my roof, you'll get the privacy that I believe you can handle".  It's our jobs to keep our kids safe - safe from predators that they probably don't know exist.  Kids are gullible and while they may take resentment at being monitored - later on, they'll thank you for loving them enough to care...
That said, I wouldn't implement a solution here without talking to your kids.  Let them know that you will occasionally be monitoring their conversations.  If they have a problem with that - then disable the IM software.  I'm sure they won't like it - but eventually, they'll understand.

That's my soapbox anyway.  I've seen the evils out on the net first hand - I wouldn't want my children to...

Given the above though - here's a $50 package that should do what you need...  Even allows you to scan for keywords, etc...

In addition, a product like CyberSitter or NetNanny, or even Symantec's (Norton) Internet Security with parental features enabled...would be a wise investment as well.

Best of luck to you...

I don't have any problems with upfront parental controls, on the contrary, think they are about mandatory if one wants to protect their children.  My concern is with spying and keyloggers.  If you have that much concern, better approach is to take away their personal PCs.

I've seen this program in action and it is nearly impossible to defeat without password:

Here is one totally free parental control software program you could try, most of the others offered will be trial versions, this is not:

Hope this helps!

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Also, you may want to check with your local family orginizations. I know that there is one in my area that gave away software for that purpose a while ago.

Any update on a software choice?

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