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   How can i get Jinitiator control panel to work in linux? I have researched and found it works with Netscape as well as IE but i would like it to work with Mozilla.
Can someone please help me?
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djsqueezeAuthor Commented:
any answers?
In Windows, to get Jinitiator to work with Firefox, you install Jinitiator for IE (or any other browser) and then copy the NPJinit-11820.dll from the "bin" folder of the Jinitiator install, into the plugins folder for firefox.

I would imagine something similiar would work on Linux, but can't give you the specifics (Since I know very little about Linux). I would check out the bin folder of the Jinitiator install on Linux, and copy all the dll's into the Plugins folder of Mozilla. Then test to see if it works. If it does, remove the DLL's one by one until you find the one DLL that you needed.
In linux you have to modify the registry.dat file. This is what I did...

I installed Java 1.4.1_01 from ww.blackdown.org


My application was requesting for 1.4.1 (Oracle E-Business)

I downloaded and installed version for gcc3.2 (follow instructions in readme file)

I created the symbolic link of the plugin library to my /usr/bin/netscape/plugin directory

I started netscape (so the registry file gets updated)

I went to my $HOME and there is a pluginreg.dat file. This should be under .mozilla/firefox directory...

In the application's list you have to add at the end the next line

where 28 is a consecutive number (this was my case) and was the jinitiator version I needed.

there is a "count" number at the top of the application's list, you have to add 1 to the count number. Example:

      29   <----Modify this, in my case I added line 28 so the count is 29

I got my application running this way, this may not be certifie, but it works ok with my application...

Hope this helps!


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djsqueezeAuthor Commented:
thanks for the help
djsqueezeAuthor Commented:
Hugo thanks i nee to try ur approach. originally i had installed j2re1.5.0_04 and created a symbolic link in firefox and mozilla. When i went to the java test page it said it was installed correctly however when i went to the oracle e-buisness site it told me it was expecting j2re1.4 and a NPX_PLUGIN_PATH should be set. isn't the j2re backwards compatible meaning shouldn't j2re1.5 have the same capabilities as  j2re1.4? I thought it should but my application didn't work.
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