Which Memory Stick is Faster 2GB of DDR400 or 3GB of DDR333

Hi, i'd like to know your thoughts on which is the fastest memory combo.

which Memory Stick combo is Faster, 2GB of DDR400 or 3GB of DDR333?

which will pump the most out of the 2.

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Pretty close combination. I would base it on what your needs are. 3GB if you are doing video editing, 2 GB for the basics. I would also base it on cost. One is 400 MHz, and one is 333 MHz, not much difference. Too close to call. What will make a difference is dual channel memory, if your board supports it. If it does, then just go with the 2 GB of memory and make sure you put them in the appropriate slots to utilize the dual channel support. Hope this helps!
SaLzAuthor Commented:
I'm wanting to upgrade my pc, I'm on a PC2400 thats clocks 2ghz.

I'm after a PC3400 that clocks 2.4, for only 400mhz, I'm thinking should I just stick with my MS-6382E Motherboard and get some memory chips for this mobo, when i look at other PC2400 they only do 1.7ghz, now am thinking is my pc overclocked when I bought it, cos it runs hot, my friends pc runs ar like 30-40, mine runs at 50-60 :S

I think my mobo can take 2GB, but am thinkin of splashing out on a totally new PC with the MSI K8T Neo-FIS2R Athlon 64 Mainboard, SATA Raid AGP 8x, mobo, cos this takes 3 ddr slots.

what memory would be best for this? the 2x400 or the 3x333 to get the power and compatibility.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
If you want new boards and FAST memory, I'd suggest looking into a newer AMD Athlon system with Dual Channel memory support.  For more information on Dual Channel RAM see hitman's description in this posting:
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Small comment to Hitmans description:

"dual channel ram sticks" they are exactly the same ram sticks and they are single channel.

Dual channel memorycontroller is utilizing two normal ram sticks each of 64 bit, totals 128 bit.

what is sold as dual channel sticks is " mated pairs "( they are verified to have similar specs) and is more a marketing hype.

bottom line is: ramstick, running single or dualchannel configuration, are the same architecture.

Fastest memory access you get with low latency RAM(cl2) in a socket 939 (AMD64) system.
MSI K8T Neo-FIS2R is a socket 754 board with only single channel memorycontroller

if you want MSI, go for one of these

The simple answer to your question is that as far as pure memory performance, DDR400 is of course faster than DDR333, all else being equal.

Whether or not the system as a whole functions faster with 2GB DDR400, or 3GB DDR333, depends on your usage. To my knowledge there are not many "normal" programs on the desktop that would benefit hugely from memory in excess of 1GB, let alone in excess of 2GB, so for the typical user the faster 2GB would be the clear choice in this scenario. If you're running specialized software that uses so much memory that more than 2GB would improve performance, the 3GB would probably be better.

By the way, if you are after pure memory performance, dual channel is a must as has already pointed out. Since you're asking about 2 sticks of DDR400 vs. 3 sticks of DDR333, you should know that dual channel memory can only work with an even number of memory sticks, so 3 x DDR333 would not even work that way.

If you do want a whole new computer, and have it make a good difference from what you have now, I'd recommend a socket 939 based AMD system with PCI-Express rather than AGP, with an eye towards the future (it will also support the dual core Athlon 64 X2 if the motherboard manufacturer has/will have a BIOS update for that). The nForce4 chipset family seems the best choice at the moment, it has a nice set of features including SATA/PATA RAID. And while we're on this subject, the memory controller of the latest version of the Athlon 64 (incl. X2) CPU's, revision E, comprising of the single core Venice and San Diego as well as the dual core Manchester and Toledo cores, has support for DDR433/466/500, *but* the motherboard has to support that in BIOS, which most do not (yet?) do. The Abit Fatal1ty AN8 and the DFI LANParty UT nF4 at this point do already offer these new memory ratios with the appropriate BIOS version. The latter is also extremely overclockable and has gotten very favorable reviews all around.

If you want to give more specific information on how you use your computer or the reason you're specifically interested in memory performance, we could probably give you more specific guidance.

Good luck.


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SaLzAuthor Commented:
Anton, u've raised a very good comment, would I need so much memory as 3gb, at the moment am on a 512mb and its a tad slow, but when I was on 1gb, it was improved.

I've desided for now that I'll stick with my old machine and just get 1GB chip and put my 256MB in a well, 2 give it 1.2GB, its a crucial PC2100 266mhz CL2.5 1GB chip.

will both chips work ? my other chip is a Nanya PC2100 266mhz CL2 256MB Chip

a socket 939 with the ddr3 PCI-Express vga, does sounds intresting, and onces again am forced 2 wait till prices come down :o(

why can't the companys that make this stuff, sell there items in the 3rd world so it be like amazingly cheep to buy a computer for almost 50x less than there original prices 2day. most 3rd worlds only get $1. a week for working 50-60hr days :oO
Sounds like a good idea. Your motherboard (assuming we're talking about the MS6382 you mentioned) can't handle memory sticks larger than 512MB, so you have to get 2 of those instead. There are 2 banks with 2 slots each. If you've got 512MB now, and you have 1 bank still free, you can add 2 x 256MB to make it 1GB total, or add 2 x 512MB to make it 1.5G total. If you've got 4 x 128MB now, you can to take out 2 x 128MB and put in 2 x 512MB for a grand total of 1.25GB. All these combinations should work.

Looking at the specs of that motherboard by the way (using the link posted by spiderfix in that other thread), this motherboard can handle at the most an Athlon running at 1.5GHz, which would be the 1800+ model. If it's running faster than that, it may indeed be overclocked, which is fine as long as it's running stable. Or, you have in fact a different motherboard and CPU.

Your current system (with the additional memory), while not as fast as the latest and greatest available today (you can never win that expensive race for long anyway), should be adequate to run most all software for at least the near future, barring perhaps the more demanding of today's games, which probably would still run but not at the best of their ability. If you're much into games, another possible worthwhile upgrade might be a new video card, depending on what you have now.

I bet if you wait a while (a year or less maybe), you can get a nicely equipped dual core system without badly breaking the bank. That would probably be an all around speed boost big enough to really be worth the money then.

3 GB DDR 333 will boost the PC

if you want to compare DDR 400 is faster than DDR 333

because you are using 3GB DDR 333 then your pc will worlk faster than 2 GB of DDR 400

OK, this is an easy one. Unless you are doing large database queries, video editing, or some other extremely high-resource operation, you should go with the 2GB DDR400 chips. In fact, I would reccomend that you not get more than 1GB, since after that the performance increse would not be noticable, and the cost starts growing quickly. If you are using the computer for games and word processing, internet surfing, etc., then 1GB should be more than enough. Still, I would reccommend that you do not settle for 512MB, since there is a recognizeable difference in performance between this and 1GB.

I would reccommend a 1GB chip IF your motherboard will support it. This way, if you do decide to upgrade at some point, there will be free slots. Otherwise, 2x512MB sticks are fine, and this way you have 512MB to fall back on if one of them dies.

As far as the temperature, 50-60 is a little hot, but nothing to worry about.

SaLzAuthor Commented:
I think, I'll have 2 buy some more thermal paste on the cpu for the heat, I've ordered a 1GB ddr 266 cl 2.5 crucial, and will stick my 256mb nanya ram in as well, giving it a 1.2gb, on there www.crucial.com, they said my mobo is compatible with the 1GB chip, its in the post and I should be getting it sometime this wednesday.

I've thought about it, and whats really letting me down at the moment is the ram, with 512mb, most apps take long time 2 load only when its below 500 on the PageFile, even with games I got to put everything on low cos it lags, so I'll wait for a bit longer till the prices come down more before I upgrade, probly buy that time, ddr3 would have come out lol, I may even just upgrade bit buy bit, just ordering parts when I need them and improving it slowly.

thanks for your help guys.
SaLzAuthor Commented:
I got my 1GB Chip 2day, fitted it, and by ekk its fast now, no laggin, no waiting for programs 2 load, with a 1.2GB now, I'm getting a very low ping of only 12ms in CSS Servers now, before it was like 45-60ms, this is amazing.

when I can afford it I'll get another 1GB Chip, lol, but at the moe, I don't think I need an upgrade :D with this performance.


Great news about the performance increase. I'd say that you shouldn't need to upgrade for a while. You wont be able to get much better performance out of more RAM. In fact, you could take that 256 chip out and not notice much difference, probably. Not that you should, but I'm just saying.

Anyway, glad you got it working.

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