Linux on Mainframes z/vm and s/390

Hello to everyone -

I am just wondering - If running SUSE Linux Server for zSeries and S/390 Mainframes under the GUI (not really recommended) does the looks of the GUI the same as running SUSE as a desktop version?

I would like to see (If anyone can post) a screenshot of SUSE Linux Server's GUI for the Mainframes. People had told me they run it as Runlevel-3. But does the GUI look the same as If I were running SUSE Pro 9.3?

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jslayton01Author Commented:
Ummmmm.....does ANYBODY happen to know the answer here???? Please?
jslayton01Author Commented:
This question is sitting on ZERO for hours now. At least I should deserve an "I dont know" answer.

Its very rude and unrespectful...

jslayton01Author Commented:
If you dont know, its OK with me. But at the very least, just admit it..For crying out loud.
I responded to what seems to be the same question posted a second time.

Also, how quickly do you expect answers?  The question was only out there for about 6 hours, on a Saturday (at least it was a Saturday here in the US).

I also do not think you want everybody in the world to answer your question witha "I don't know". Do you really want a few thousand "I don't know" messages.

Lastly, this is a very good place to get information, but it does lack (from what I have seen) a group of people that know mainframes.  If you want (I hope I am allowed to do this), you may want to look at other places that specilize in mainframes. is one, along with various listservers.  One you can get to using, there is one that is related to VM only, but I don't know which one that is.

Here is the same thing I posted in the other question:

I will have to wait until I get back to work, but why would you think it would look different?

If you are using KDE it is still KDE.  If you are using Gnome, it is still Gnome.  The difference would be based on the level of KDE or Gnome you are using and possibily the capabilities of the X server running on your local computer.

I am not sure, but IIRC SLES 9.0 is the most current release for the mainframe, 9.1 might be ready, bu we are still running 9.0.

Does SUSE on Intel look any different than SUSE on PowerPC (iSeries/pSeries) or Sparc (Sun boxes) or any other OS?

Yes most run it as level 3, because you are not running a local display like you would on other platforms.  You access SUSE on the mainframe using a remote session (telnet or ssh) and using your own X server on your computer (Exceed from Humming Bird, Cygwin X-Windows or any other X server).  Just like you would any other remote Linux (*nux) system.

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