Connecting Wind 2K3 domains together

Please please someone help!!
I'm learning networking so please forgive me in advance.

We have 7 schools, all on one WAN of T1's.  The core router (Cisco) is located at the high school and from there the T1s go to each individual school.  All schools are running their own individual Windows 2003 domains.  At the other end of the T1s at each individual schools is another Cisco router (1700 series).  NATting is done at the core router to identify each individual school's IP range of addresses: - -

When the domains were put in, they were each structured to be their own domain in their own individual forest, even though the forest was named the same at each school, ie.,, etc.

Is there a way to connect all these schools together?  I've tried to create a trust between one school and another but it says it can't find the SVR record in DNS.  This is where I'm at.  If you need more info, I'm happy to provide it.  I need to get this resolved in the next week if at all possible!  If I could assign this 1000 points I would - it's that important to us.
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BrianIT ManagerCommented:
Before you create your trusts you will need to ensure that name resolution works between the schools.  The easiest way to do what you are looking for would be to create a conditional forwarder for each forest on each DNS server.  So the DNS server on would have a conditional forwarder for the DNS server.  You would do the opposite for the DNS server on the network.

Once that is set up make sure you can ping each DNS server by FQDN (  Once this is set up try to create the trust again.


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dmcwherterAuthor Commented:
Okay, I tried to add one of the elementary schools to the forwarder at the high school and got an error that a zone configuration error had occurred.  What IP address do I put in for the selected domain's forwarder IP address list? or (the DNS Server for that school?)
BrianIT ManagerCommented:
You will put the IP address of the DNS server for the other school.

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