Send "Enter Key" to the currently active window

In my code I'm going to have a Print dialog box appear, caused by a web page appearing
that has "<body onload="window.print();">" in it.
I want "Enter" to click the "ok" to print.
Can I do this?    thanks
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Jeff CertainCommented:
Your current approach will not work as you envision -- the window.print command will be executed as soon as the HTML body tag is loaded.

I believe what you're trying to acheive would be better implemented by the following:
1. Create an HTML button that will fire the window.print() code.
2. In the body onload event, set the focus to the HTML button.
3. When "enter" is pressed, the HTML button (with the focus) should fire.

Sorry I can't provide exact code -- not a javascript expert, and I'm at home (no references handy other than the web). However, this should be adequate to get you  through.

Let me know if this isn't quite what you intended.

MikeMCSDAuthor Commented:
thanks Jeff,
the Print dialog does appear . .
I tried putting:     SendKeys.Send("{ENTER}")   after it   . . but it clicks the
buttons in my program instead!
Jeff CertainCommented:

Again, sorry for the lack of actual code. There's a javascript wait function that sometimes help solve these issues -- even if you set it to wait for 1 ms. You may want to see if putting that right before your SendKeys statement helps.


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