VERY slow downloads on DSL 5.2kb/s

I am downloading some security patches for linux and my download transfer rates are 5.3 kb/s...Im on DSL not dial-up...

It will take for all day for these to download. How can I fix this issue? Why is it giving me download rates of 6.0 kb/s????

I find this very odd... My downloads should be 33.6kb/s not 5.3kb/s...
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jslayton01Author Commented:
Please help...this is very urgent and I have other things to do...
jslayton01Author Commented:
My webpages seem to open up fast, but my download rates are like 5.0 kb/s.
jslayton01Author Commented:
Ok...this kinda URGENT so I dont have all day for these downloads. Why am I paying DSL while my downloads are like 5.0Kb/s????

I dont get it. Plus, these downloads are from an FTP site. So I dont know if that has to do with it.
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In Suse update, you can select different source sites. Maybe you have just selected one which is very busy at the moment. Did you select a site close to you? Those close will usually also be faster.
Firstly, the source where u are gettting the downloads from?  Is it far away?  Is that server very busy?

Can you try a different source to download from?

You will find if you try a different FTP you will get a faster speed.
jslayton01Author Commented:
Is there a setting in SUSE that I can check? Its the SUSE's website for patches. Thats what I said!!!!!! Its the SUSE's website. So, can I download these patches within SUSE's YAST just like what I would do in Windows? Can you tell me how? I just need the security updates and no OS updates.
jslayton01Author Commented:
Could be only that website thats slow or can be other downloads?
jslayton01Author Commented:
Because it cannot be that I have downloads of 5 kb/s. No way. It must be within linux settings. Its impossible...

Its not the website, there must be someway I could configure the DSL settings.
jslayton01Author Commented:
Ok, I did some tests. I downloaded a 2.4MB file or installation application from a different website and it got 34.4Kb/s.

But why does SUSE's security downloads are slow?? Can someone explain that to me?
When you run the SuSE update program, just when you start it I think (I can't tell for sure, as at the moment I don't have SuSE running), there is a dropdown box where you select the sites you download from. In this dropdown box select the site closest to you. There will surely be one which is faster.

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jslayton01Author Commented:
Now ALL of my website downloads give me a 5.2Kb/s

I dont know what the deal is.
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