How can I burn vob files using Roxio Easy CD & DVD Creator 6

I am trying to add some basic menu functionality to a project that I am creating.

The DVD will be made up of some VOB files ripped from another DVD without any menu and 2 WMV files that I have. I want to have a separate menu for each subject i.e one for the VOB files and one apiece for the 2 WMV files.

The problem that I encounter is importing/"drag and drop" the VOB files that I want to put under one menu button. The files are out there, play okay and will all fit on the disk. Three of the files are 1,040,383 kb and the fourth is 877,876 kb. In total, there is about 162 minutes of play time.

If I drag and drop these in one by one, the software thinks that its getting wierd times - like one file is 8 minutes and another 3 hours.............. it also thinks that there are some 10# gigs of data in the VOB files and tells me that it can't burn to the 4.7 DVD available. The true data size is less that the 4.7 gog available.

If I try to import them as one big VOB file using Roxio, the software can see that there is a 162 minute DVD file out there but when it copies into a folder as a temporary file prior to the burn, this file has been reduced to 37 minutes worth of material.

The manual and help system are virtually useless. If anyone can give me any hints or tricks on how to beat this, I'd really be grateful.
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dfnewAuthor Commented:
BTW, it might be worth adding that the original DVD and therefore the VOB files does not contain any chapter marks. I don't know if this is part of the problem and I don't know how to add chapters using Roxio. This may be a separate question - if I can add them to the final DVD that would be a bonus! :-)
The solution as I se it, is to author the new DVD. But for that you need to demultiplex the vob files into mpeg2 streams with audio. The chapters are not in the vob files, if you look at a video dvd you can find another files in the VIDEO_TS directory, not only vobs. The vob files contain streams: video, audio, subtitles. Some auxiliary audio files can be stored in AUDIO_TS directory.
I recommend demultiplexing the streams from *.vob files, using something like dvd decrypter (I cannot give you the link), and use the mpeg2 files and the wmv files (that we'll be reencoded) as starting material. Then you can use Roxio to create the dvd. Personally, I don't use integrated solutions like the one you use, I prefer to encode separatelyy the video streams, the audio streams, I use an authoring software and a burning software to burn the dvd. Be careful that 4.7 GB is just 4.384 GB, because it's considered 4,700,000,000 bytes.
dfnewAuthor Commented:
I have DVDDecrypter but don't understand what you mean by demultiplexing. I assume that this is some process that involves inputing the VOB files and then the output will be the mpeg2 files that you refer to. The question is how.
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dfnewAuthor Commented:
Think I may have figured out what you meant. I have use DVD Decrypter to demultiplex the DVD and now have 4 M2V files (I assume these are the MPEG2 files) and an AC3 file which I assume is the sound. What I don't know now is how to bring these into Roxio as the software does not recognize the M2V files.
I'll tell you what I will do. Using TMPGenc Plus from, I'll join the 4 m2v files (video mpeg2) into one. You must have ntfs, because of the FAT limit. Then, with the same tool, I'll do multiplexing the video and audio streams into a mpeg, that Roxio can use it for creating the video dvd.

Now you have a large mpeg2 file, that will be a chapter, and the other 2 wmv files, that will be another chapter or chapters.
dfnewAuthor Commented:
Can you either be a bit more specific as to the directions for using TMPGEnc or point me in the direction of the instructions for doing this as I really haven't got a clue on how to do what you are asking me. Please understand that I am a novice at using these tools! :)
Hi Dfnew,
I am sure you have already googled for help. But this is a great site I always refer to when it comes to authoring related issues for DVD or for that matter any video. : I was almost tempted to post the instructions for TMPGenc, but you can find that too on this website.
Hope this helps.
Good luck

dfnewAuthor Commented:
I guess that I looking for some direction here as I was hoping somebody could save me the minefield of going down the wrong path thru use of google. However, if I have to go that way then so be it. Right at the moment, I am feeling lost as I have M2V files and an AC3 file created from Decrypter, am being told to use TMPGEnc but that doesn't recognize either of these file formats.
Let's take step by step the process of obtaining the mpeg2 video/audio file from the dvd.

Open dvd decrypter. Choose Stream processing. Select Enable stream processing check box. Now select the video stream, and choose Demux. Go to Tools/Settings/IFO Mode, and Choose None at the File Splitting dropdown. Now press the button to extract the video file. The result will be one m2v file. Do the same for the audio stream and you'll have an ac3 file. Now open TMPGenc choose File/MPEG Tools/Multiplex and add the video m2v and audio ac3 streams. Press Run. The result will be a mpg file with mpeg2 video and ac3 audio. You can test it by run it with a player.
dfnewAuthor Commented:
"Now open TMPGenc choose File/MPEG Tools/Multiplex"

What "Type" should I select from the 6 options available in the drop down?
MPEG2 program VBR.
dfnewAuthor Commented:
Okay. Completed this successfully. However, the file won't play in Windows Media Player (maybe too big?) and when I import it into Roxio, it thinks its dealing with a 7.872 gig burn. The actual file size is 3928381 kb. Something tells me this is a Roxio problem.
dfnewAuthor Commented:
I also tried using TMPGEnc DVD Author to create mpeg files. This creates 10 separate files of varying sizes. However, every time I add one of these files to Roxio, it seems to think that it is taking on twice the actual file size. This seems to be why the DVD cannot be burnt. The stupid software thinks it is twice as big as it actually is.
You can burn the video DVD with TMPGenc DVD Author. I don't know very well Roxio's software, I use Nero.
dfnewAuthor Commented:
The disadvantage of using TMPGenc DVD Author is that I cannot mix and match video content. It won't allow me to include mpegs that have been converted from WMV files alongside these files that you and I have worked on (tried that yesterday and got a warning).

Also, unless I am missing something, there is no way that I can set up background music on the main menu in TMPGenc DVD Author, which I can in Roxio.
Yes, TMPGenc DVD Author it's not the best tool for creating menus. But it can use any mpeg for authoring, but the file must be standard. Maybe the converted file was not standard. You have to verify the resolution and the sound, eventualy you'll have to recode the mpeg from the wmv.

But I'm worried why the mpeg2 file cannot be played with WMP.
dfnewAuthor Commented:
I converted all of the files that I wanted to burn using TMPGenc Plus and your directions above. Obviously, the WMV files played beforehand but I could not use the resulting mpegs. Same comment for the larger files from the DVD.
dfnewAuthor Commented:
I have also done some independent research around Roxio and I am getting a feeling that Roxio cannot handle anything more than 1 hours worth of video. Going back to my original question, it looks like Roxio is a dead duck.
dfnewAuthor Commented:
In my opinion, the original question was never answered. It was the research that I carried out that basically discovered that Roxio cannot burn a vob file that is longer than 1 hour.
The asker is right. Why do I wanted to help by giving alternate solution?
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