Overwriting records from a temporary table


My company is small and cannot afford a database expert so please keep it as simple as possible!

I've exported a sample data set of 10000 from a table containing address records from SQL 2000 to Access. This address data was badly formatted and I used address cleaning software against the Access database to clean up the fields. I then imported the sample results back into the SQL database as a temporary table.

What is the easiest way for me then to update the main address Table in SQL with the cleaned 10000 sample records without affecting the other records within that Table?

The main address Table has many dependencies in SQL so I don't want to affect anything here either.

Hope you experts come to my rescue again!

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Anthony PerkinsCommented:
If it has a primary key than it is simple:

Update YourTableName
set Col1 = t.Col1,
     Col2 = t.Col2,
     Col3 = t.Col3,
From  YourTableName
          Inner Join TempTable t On YourTableName.PrimaryKey = t.PrimaryKey

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mgharbourneAuthor Commented:

Many thanks for your reply. I tried following the Update method as shown above and the Syntax check was successful after mapping all of the columns (51 of them!), but I'm receiving the following error when I try to run this against a test database:

Server: Msg 2627, Level 14, State 1, Line 1
Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'xyz'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object MyAddressTable.
The statement has been terminated.

I thought I had correctly identified the Primary Key within the Table. Any suggestions what else I can try?

Make sure you identified the primary key correctly. Fire following queries to confirm:
select count(*) from myschema.mytable;
select count(*) from myschema.mytable group by <comma separated PK columns>;
Both results should be same. Then fire similar query with group by indiviual PK identified columns one at a time. If any of the results match with overall count(*), then that column itself is unique.
Do not update any of the primary key columns while preparing & firing update statement as given by acperkins. Now you should get through. All the best.
mgharbourneAuthor Commented:

Many thanks for your help.

You've made a DB novice very happy.

Anthony PerkinsCommented:
You are welcome :)
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