more then 256 characters in a static text?

I need to put more then 256 characters in a static text. I allways have this error:
  warning RC4206 : title string too long; truncated at 256
I allread searched on google but found only , which is the same question without an answer...
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You can always use


at runtime.
BTW, as an alternative to a static control, why not using a multiline edit control that is set to read onyl?
pisselouAuthor Commented:
I tried SetDlgItemText which was allso limited to 256 characters, so I suppose(d) that SetWindowText would have the same limitations...

I'll try it.

thanks, I'll post if it worked tomorrow (It's late here...).
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pisselouAuthor Commented:
I tried SetWindowText, but can only give it one argument. When I use it then with only a string, it just sets the caption of the window to the text I setted in the SetWindowText.
>> I tried SetWindowText, but can only give it one argument

Are you using MFC? Then, try


to make clear that you are not referring to the CWnd member with the same name. Or, if so and the CStatic is a member of your class, call

Jaime OlivaresSoftware ArchitectCommented:
This error is related to a string define at resource file, but you can use SetWindowText to set larger strings. By example, you can store a 20 page text into a text file, read it, and store entirely in a control using SetWindowText. As an alternative you can use CEdit control with read-only attribute.
pisselouAuthor Commented:

I found on msdn:
but how should you read in the text so that it can be used with SetWindowText ?


Jaime OlivaresSoftware ArchitectCommented:
To read from file using MFC code:
CFile file;
if (file.Open("yourfilenamehere.txt", CFile::modeRead) {   // open successful
      int size = file.GetLength();
      buffer = new char[size+1]
      file.Read(buffer, size);  // asumming file is less than 64K long, use ReadHuge if not
      buffer[size] = 0;  // appending trailing null character
      delete buffer;

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pisselouAuthor Commented:
thanks a lot, jaime_olivares.
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