Web based interactive to-do task list

I want to locate a program or server program that will allow me to have basic online task lists that I can
add notes to and check off items when i am done, i also want my boss to be able to add new task lists or items for
me to do.
we have linux and windows computers and extra servers if needd.

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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
How basic?
Outlook alread has a task list built in that could do this on an Exchange Server givng your boss the necessary permissions to review and revise.
Can you run MySql & php?
try here

Or why not create an online Wiki using



joncolbyAuthor Commented:
I have tried the outlook already. It is not for me.
i want just a simple layout, with a page for each week, and the ability to add tasks to each week.
If my boss could log on and add and remove tasks that would be cool too.
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What about the wiki?
You create a new page for each day/week or month and then just edit it to add new tasks etc

☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
wiki is probably the best move.  It doesn't sound as if you need a fully featured standalone package & most of the GNU packages require SQL or php

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Nathan RomanoSystems ConsultantCommented:
you can always use yahoo
Yahoo calendar has the option to allow others to interact with yours.

very simple.
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