Drag-And-Drop Image Upload Web Applet - Urgent

I'm assigning 500 points to this question because it is both urgent and extremely difficult for me. I must have the solution soon.

I don't know very much about Java - I was never really interested because it seems to run slow and for the most part, Macromedia Flash could do the same thing easier and better.

Now I'm in a bind - I must have a control (compatible with both FireFox and IE 6) that I can drag and drop a file into, and then upload and do various things with that file. Anybody who can deliver an applet (or code with instructions - for a Java newb - how to compile, because I DO want to learn) will get the 500 points.

What I need, Exactly:
Applet can accept file by drag-and-drop.
Applet can detect file type, if file type is JPG or JPEG.
If file type check is good, applet can POST file to PHP script.
Applet can revieve new picture URL back, download picture into applet and display.

If you can provide me with instructions on how to do any one of these things, post some code. You'll get some points. I'm attempting to work it out right now.. not getting real far though.

Please ask any clarifying questions or call me at 408 318 4362
This is urgent.
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Did you try just using HTML Upload Forms?
iSeeCodeAuthor Commented:
I have a system set up using HTML upload forms.. but (according to client) I must have drag-n-drop.
I found several systems that can (basically) do this searching the net.. But none that are open-source or do exactly what I want.


Well, it seems to me that your requirements lie around the Windows OS and therefor Java may not be the best suitable tool.  Have to tried looking for ActiveX controls, or thinking about writing such an ActiveX control in C# or VB for instance?

If you're set on Java, you'd need to jump through many loops, one of which is the fact that Java's applet are secured, and therefor, you must sign your Java Applet so the user may enable it to work with local files, and I believe, even with the drag & drop feature and the system clipboard.

I can currently offer my article about signing applets and managing personal applet certificates [ http://www.codeproject.com/useritems/KeyGuard.asp ] and any other help you may require in the future. :)

Good luck,

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iSeeCodeAuthor Commented:
I guess Java isn't what I want, and ActiveX is. Don't like the idea.. But OK. Thanks.

You get the points. ;)

Thanks for your time.

Thanks for the points, and don't forget, EE has Windows and ActiveX experts as well :)
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