Resize img with min/max + ratio

Hi all

IANAM (I am not a mathematician) and this is causing me some problems.

I need a function that scales down its input variables based on the min/max range

function imageResize(&$width,&$height,$maxwidth,$maxheight)


I want that both width and height are in range AND

originalsize/originalwidth ~= newwidth/newheight

I tried first calculating width, and then decreasing that until width*ratio<=maxheight but that gives result way too low!

Good luck

Ramses aka x_terminat_or_3
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hi x_terminat_or_3,

Try the following:

function imageResize(&$width,&$height,$maxwidth,$maxheight) {
 if ($width < $height) {
  $width = floor(($maxheight / $height) * $width);
  $height = $maxheight;
 } else {
  $height = floor(($maxwidth / $width) * $height);
  $width = $maxwidth;

$width = 1234;
$height = 567;


echo "Width: $width Height: $height";

You might also be interested in reading through this thread: http:Q_21476397.html
Matt and i covered this topic with image uploads and resizing.


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x_terminat_or_3Author Commented:
Thanks my man.  Ugly simple that.  Shame I didn't see it myself.

Anyway, thanks for the link as well, but I cannot rely on GD being available so I 'cheat' by just setting the width/height attributes on the image tag.

With kind regards

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