Photoshop: Correcting image

Is there any tutorial to correct (make better) an image taken from PHONE digital camera?

The image is somekind like dithered.

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Hi, muis2002,
If you know how to improve other digital images, then working on a phone image is really not different.  Hehe, I've worked on a few of my cell phone images and while you can improve them a bit in Photoshop, you can't work miracles.  There's no set procedure that I am aware of that pertains to just working on cell phone images.  (sorry).


As Slynky says, a phone image is like any other digital image. Since your title says photoshop, I assume you have photoshop to work with. If not, respond here and let us know what you DO have, or we can suggest some alternative programs to use.

Here's an approach to try: Open your image. Using the layers panel, right click on the layer containing your image and choose "Duplicate Layer". Now go to Filter -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur and increase the blur settings till the noise is less visible and click OK. Click on the Layer in the Layers Panel and from Blending Modes (the dropdown menu at the top of the Layers Panel) choose 'Hard Light'. You may also want to adjust color and black/white points.


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Just remember that you can't improve something that was never captured. Phone cameras are very poor as far as digital cameras go, so basically don't use it for something important.

Of course, sometimes that is all you have!
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You can increase the resolution of the file by resizing it and making it a bit smaller.

What graphics software do you use?  What is the size of the photo?

If your using photoshop go to image size.  Deselect resample image and enter  a smaller value in either the height or width.

If you need to sharpen the image use the unsharp mask filter and make adjustments to suit your taste.
having snapped a few pics with my own phone camera, i know that the size of the captured image, the pixel amount the phone uses (1mgp, 1.1mpx, 1.5mpx) would make a huge difference in just how much you are able to correct/enhance the image.

If you work in photoshop, you might be able to clean the image up to a degree, but like slynky said "you cant work miracles" especially using phone camera images.

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