Questin about smb.conf

Is there a book or place for information just on the programming of the smb.conf file? Also is there a better way of writing one? I have setup a samba server, succesfully log into it, but was not sure if the smb.conf could be better or is it used for security in any way.
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Load of information and good configuration options description You will find in
'man smb.conf'

Use web based configuration tool which is samba swat ( from Your linux box)

But If You look for guideness on hoto configure samba on particular locations, then You can:
google for it
look for a book in Your bookstore. I'm sorry, but hence I'm sure there's lot of them, I can't recall any :(
This seems to be a pretty good (though quite old now) book on Samba (I've got a copy):

If you're looking for a book, I'd search on Amazon & read the reader comments on those books that have favorable reviews from several people.

If using Samba v3, see the official How-to:

Good luck.

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And yes, you can & do set some security parameters in the smb.conf file, such as specifying share permissions on directories, & how clients are authenticated (ie, whether to support older Microsoft authentication methods).
georgopanosAuthor Commented:
I have quite a few samba books, but none that really focus on the actual programming of the smb.conf file. I do not want to do it graphically, I want to set it up manually. I know the basics, but it seems that it can be created to do quite a bit.
Ok, so did you take a look at the Samba v3 Howto? It does have manual configuration info.  

If you're running v2 you can find similar documentation on either or for info on older versions of Samba:

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