Sharing a serial printer through samba

I have a serial label printer that I want to share on a network. It does not have a linux driver, but I do not need one because the printing will originate from a windows machine with a driver for it. What shold the smb.conf look like so that I can share this printer on the network, and do I need to do anything else maybe add it to linux as a generic printer?
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If You want to share via samba a printer that is located on another computer, then You have to do two steps.
1. Configure printer on Your linux box, so You can print from linux (configure in Your printing system, CUPS, LPRng.... use 'printconf' if it's installed)
2. Load it into samba (via 'load printers' or [printers] section)
First setup the printer in linux and cups like you would setup any printer and just use the raw driver.
Then use something like this in your smb.conf file:

Printable = yes
printer name = PrinterNameOfYourCupsSetup

Something you will probably have to be aware of, is the software which uses this printer. Often these programs need the printer connected directly to the PC where the software is on, and it doesn't work via network, as the printer port is directly accessed.

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georgopanosAuthor Commented:
I have never setup a printer on a linux box before. So I am kind of ignorant to this. I am almost sure they do not make a linux driver for this label printer. The software I will be printing from off a XP box will have the driver built in to the software and as long as I can give it a UNC path the software can do the rest.
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Do you have a GUI on your linux box? What distribution, version?
georgopanosAuthor Commented:
SUSE 9.1............ Is there a generic driver it can use? It is a thermal label printer .....
georgopanosAuthor Commented:
I was able to add the printer as generic on the linux server. It comes up in Network neighborhood, but after I connect it to my windows machine the Icon on the windows machine says unable to connect access denied.
First try disabling the SuSE firewall. I think you can do that via Yast (I don't have a SuSE box at hand right now), or via a console as root enter

/etc/init.d/iptables stop

Then try the connection again. If it isn't that causing the problem with access denied, check out your samba configuration and add the user of your windows PC to be allowed to connect and print. Again I think yast has some tool to configure Samba easily.
georgopanosAuthor Commented:
I addred print command = lpr smb-P %P -o raw %s -R
and it got rid of the access denied, now the only problem I am having the XP machine prints to the linux box but the jobs accumulate in the print queue. Why?????????????????
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