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OK here is what I'd like to do:
From my original files (1024*768), create a batch script that will resize them to fit my web photo-album (500*375 max 35-40k, this is important). Since my web album is thumbnailed, I need another copy of my images in 100*75 (around 2k max) resolution.
The 500*375 images should keep the original file names while the 100*75 ones should have "_thumb" after the filename, just before the file extension. This is for better server-side processing.
It is my understanding that I need to work with the Save for Web option since getting a 35k filesize with a 500*375 photo is almost impossible with the regular save as dialog box. Even if it is doable, it's just impossible to automate a script using the regular Save As windo (to my knowledge), we never know which quality setting (0-8) will be required for a given filesize. Also, when I work with the Save for Web option, I need to check the : Override Action "Save As" Commands so the script works properly. How can I rename my thumbnail images (100*75) having checked that option, the file naming section is obviously not working anymore ???
Please help !
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You may need to do this in two steps. If I understand you properly, you are having problems mainly with the renaming function.

Using the File Browser in Photoshop, navigate to the folder that contains your large images. Go to Automate/Batch Rename and select Document Name + _thumb + extension and that will rename your files according to your naming convention. You can even have the renamed images moved to the folder of your choice before you run the batch.

After you have these renamed images, you can do your Save for Web script without needing a "Save As" command at all.


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You might also try this open source software 

The disadvantage is that you must have dot net framework 1.1 installed for it to work.
rouxjeanAuthor Commented:
My large images and the thumbnail images will be in the same directory. The original files will be in a different folder. So if I understand correctly, I run one batch keeping the same file name and resizing them to 500*375 with the Save for Web option. I then run another script that takes the original files but that simply renames them. Then my 3rd script would take the renamed files, resize them too 100*70 and use the Save for Web that will now work because the files are already renamed. My question is this: How can I ensure that the 3rd step actually takes ONLY the files with "_thumb" in their filename ??? (remember that both 500*375 and the 100*70 images are in the same directory now !!!)
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Here is what I would do. At the 2nd action which renames the files, I would select the radio button "move to a new folder" for the renamed images.

Then run the 100*70 action on the files in this new folder, and then drag the files back into the original folder with the large images.

I guess that is somewhat circuitous, if someone has a better option...
rouxjeanAuthor Commented:
Is there a way for me to run the 3 scripts all together avoiding running them one by one manually ?
rouxjeanAuthor Commented:
Oh and there is an extra 500 of you can anser/solve that :
I am going to guess the only way to automate all 3 functions is to do it programmically, which I am unable to do...
Glad I could help in some way. Thanks for the grade and points!
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