DVD backup: Free alternative(s) to DVD Shrink?

I have been using DVD Shrink to back up DVDs with excellent results; however, I am having problems with it on one particular DVD.  I'm wondering if there are other free alternatives to DVD Shrink with the same functionality as far as having the capability of compressing a DVD with more that 4.7GB of content into the size required so that it fits on a 4.7GB DVD (e.g., DVD+R).  I haven't been able to find any free alternatives.  Thank you.

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DVD XCopy Platinum

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Try CloneDVD or DVD Decrypter. I always use DVD Shrink. What problems are you facing with this particular DVD? If its a read error then you may have to clean the disc, or if you have two drives, try reading it from the other one.
DVD Decrypter has been recommend to rip the dvd when DVD shrink can't read it (I understood that some "physical" protection can disturb DVD Shrink).

So, use DVD decrypter to rip the DVD to your hard-drive (you will ahe on your Harddrive the same tree than you had on the DVD, but with decrypted files). Once done, run DVD Shrnk, but this time using "File" menu, point to the root folder of your rip...and DVD Shrink will do the job as if you were getting the data from the original DVD.


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Your problem is probably with copy protected DVD. I had same problem with DVD Shrink.
There are many DVD copy protection methods that are used in latest DVD titles.
DVD Shrink only breaks CSS encryption but not those new methods.


Install latest AnyDVD software (www.slysoft.com) and you will never have any problem to copy DVD.

Recently I couldn't copy new DVD title with DVD Shrink.
So I have installed AnyDVD and it found 4 additional copy protections in that DVD and removed them.
Then I used DVD Shrink again with no problem.

HarkenBanksAuthor Commented:
The DVD Shrink error message is "DVD Shrink encountered an error and cannot continue.  Programming error - exception occurred.  The handle is invalid." -- not very informative.  There seems to be something about the data on the DVD in question that DVD Shrink can't handle properly.  I tried two different copies of the DVD and got the same result.  

I got around the problem by using DVD Dycrypter to rip the DVD to my hard drive and then using DVD Shrink to burn the backup DVD.  

Thank you for your help.  
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