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I am creating new MPS projects by writing the records about project, tasks, links, fields, etc. directly in the database. I write all task dates (start, end) exactly as I want them to be. The data is fine and MS Project opens the projects correctly. However when I open it, it recalculates all dates and moves some tasks around, bringing sometimes differences of more than 30 days for some important tasks. If I save the project, it also replaces the data in the database with the new calculated ones.

Is there a way to tell MS Project that I want all dates to stay exactly as they are in the database, e.g. that it should not recalculate them?

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You will lose some of the functionality if you do this.  ONe of the reasons for using Project is to allow it to plan your work to take account of task dependencies.  But you should be able to set a "Must start on" date against each task if you really need to.  Look at the Advanced tab in the task properties sheet.
TheAvengerAuthor Commented:
It works, but only to some extend. Imagine I have the tasks T1 and T2. They are linked, so T2 starts after T1.

In my template (which I actually copy) T1 takes e.g. 5 days, from Mon - Fri. When I copy the tasks, T1 starts from Wed and it takes 5 days. MSP recalculates it and makes is finish next Tue. Now I have set T2 to start imediatelly after the finish of T1, which is by calculate Mon. But T1 will finish on Tue, so MSP says that there is a problem with linked tasks.
TheAvengerAuthor Commented:
What I want is to make MSP not calculate anything for these projects, just take the data and show it. If the user requires a recalculation, then it should recalculate, but not earlier
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TheAvengerAuthor Commented:
OK, the customer did not accept it, but still this was what I asked. Points to both of you guys because both posts were helpful.
Both of me says thanks !
TheAvengerAuthor Commented:
Oh, sorry! Didn't see that both comments were from you, aflockhart....
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