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I have a VPN from my network to a remote network that supports VoIP on a VLAN-200 at the remote location.  There is a DHCP server at  The entire net is used only for VoIP.

The DHCP server provides private IPs at my end.

I would like to connect my VoIP phone to the corporate network via the VPN, but need advice on how to do this.  If my phone is configured for VLAN-200, will it automatically get an IP from the remote DHCP server?  My local switch is not a managed switch.

Thanks for your help!

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Hi Steve,
If you don't have a managed switch on your side of the link that support VLANs (& VLAN trunking), then I'd say this isn't possible.

See the following for some background on something like this:

Anyone else care to confirm?

You will have to configure the phone so that it is able to obtain an IP address on your local network. Then you need to make sure that the traffic from your network to the remote VOIP VLAN the other end is permitted.
sgarson1Author Commented:
OK.  So it sounds like if I configure my phone with a fixed IP and VLAN200 instead of using DHCP, it should work.  I can ping the network no problem from this end of the VPN.  If this is the case, then that is good.  If the tagged packets are stripped of their tags by my switch, then it sounds like I will need a managed switch that supports VLANs, or plug directly into the port on the Sonicwall.  Yes?
All you need to do is setup the phone so that it is not doing any tagging and you only need a basic dumb switch your end. You can have the phone use DHCP.

At the remote end the sonicwall is plugged into the switch port allocated to VLAN200.
Therefore when the VPN is operational VLAN200 traffic at the main site can pass onto your network as normal untagged traffic. You dont want to start trying to transmit tagged packets over the VPN as this is not required and will meke it much more complicated and probably wont be supported by the sonicwall anyway.

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sgarson1Author Commented:
Thanks for the advice.  It makes perfect sense.
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