Sony Vaio PCG-V505DX - Problem with FUNTCION keys


Some of the FUNCTIONS expected for F1-F12 are, sudenly, not working. On this notebook,  FUNCTION-F3 should mute the speaker; F4 volume control; F5 brightness control and F7 monitor swap. No one of them work. But the HOME, PAGE UP, PAGE DOWN and END functions of the 4 arrows work well.

Any ideas will be highly appreciated.

This is a up-to-date WXP Pro with a RADEON 9200 video board.
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Some possibilities :
-bad keyboard (you can try an external one to test)
-try installing another keyboard layout
-try a system restore to a previous date

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im going to rule out the possibility that it's a faulty keyboard.

Try reinstalling the drivers for the keyboard/computer. Those function keys are not standard and the computer may not realize they are there without the help of a driver.
I think it's a bad keyboard.
I think so because with all the bad keys in a row like that it indicates an open conductor to that row of keys.
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phermiAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all.

We already have a external keyboard but, obvious, does not have the FUNTCION key. Besides notebook keyboards I haven't seen any other that has it.

Also, ALL F1-F12 keys work perfect and execute thier intended commands as well as the Fn-ARROW keys. So, I tend to beleive the keyboard is fine. Just 4 or 5 Fn-Fxx combination dont work.

I'll try getting the driver from Sony and I'll try the System restore and post the results.

Thanks again.
try to install this for your laptop
this will enable the "Sony® Notebook Control Device Driver"
You need Hotkey software installed for the function keys to work. It maybe included in the device driver download....

phermiAuthor Commented:
thanks Mnf. Í'll try that one and ley you all know.

Meantime, we use system restore (nobus) to go back June 1 and everything worked, so we are looking now into what pices of software were installed since including Windows Updates.

I'll keep you posted. Thanks to all again
phermiAuthor Commented:
My apologies.

Nothing but the System Restore to June 1st worked and we couldn't ping-point what changed after that date that may cause the problem so we left it as is.

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