Read the properties of a Stored Proc from CF?

I am looking to access the properties of a stored proc, specifically so I can filter out SPs that do inserts, updates and deletes and list only SPs that execute SELECTS. Anyone have ideas how to do this?
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I would have to say thats almost impossible, unless you save the SPs as text file and run a regex over it.
you could probably interogate the system tables for the sql in the SPs as well, but you would still have to write regular expressions to find what you are looking for.
what is the reason for wanting to do this?
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KoldFuzunAuthor Commented:
I want to allow SPs to be run in an app, but I do not want to execute any SPs (accidentally or maliciously) that do anything but selects. I have been looking through the system tables but cant seem to find anything which indicates the function of a SP

<CFSET sp_name = "mystoredprocname">

<CFQUERY datasource="#DSN#" name="get_sp_detail">
      SP_HELPTEXT #sp_name#

<CFSET sp_text = "">
<CFOUTPUT query="get_sp_detail">
      <CFSET sp_text = sp_text & text>

<TEXTAREA cols="90" rows="20">

<CFIF FINDNOCASE("insert",sp_text)>
      Insert not allowed<CFABORT>
<CFIF FINDNOCASE("delete",sp_text)>
      Delete not allowed<CFABORT>

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KoldFuzunAuthor Commented:
This seems to be a solution I can use, thanks! However, the wierd thing is I get an error with one proc.... if I skip that proc it works fine. I dont want to run into this with future issues, so maybe you can help me figure out why it is erroring? The SP name has no special characters or spaces in it
What is the error?
KoldFuzunAuthor Commented:
ahhh nevermind. it had a - in the name. When I removed it, it worked fine
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