Google adwords - too many PSAs

Hi guys,

All that has been showing up on my site are Public Service Ads. And here is another major setback - some of these ads don't even show up at all. In other words, all I see is a black space.

Is this because I lack a set of closely matching keywords?

Thanks guys!
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Dantheman001Author Commented:
Ooops...this in regards to adsense - not adwords!
Dantheman001 -

If AdSense is a new addition to the page it is possible that mediabot has not yet had time to decide what the page is about.  If this has been going on for some time mediabot is either, not able to figure out what the page is about for some reason or it cannot find any ads for the topic.

- duz
It usually takes 48 hours for the account to go online and be fully serving the pages. If you have more than one ad box Google can determine you r conversion/CTR rate etc. only warrant one (or two - three is the max number per page) and then the others get PSAs or blanks.
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Dantheman001Author Commented:
Thanks for your input guys!

However, please note that I have had adsense on my site for at least 5 months now and still shows PSAs on the first page and other pages.

On some pages, the ads do not show up at all (all I see are blank white spaces) - and yes! The embedded javascript code is correct!

What is going on?

Okay are they appearing on any pages?

How about the link to your site so we can look?

Dantheman001Author Commented:
Here is the site:
My friend you need help. First off there is no text on the page that Google could possibly find what the site is about. Your title tag should be Pictures of Fiji People, Fiji Fun Photos, Rate Fiji Pictures....

Then you need more text on the page beyond the name of the people. Write two or three paragraphs of content so the spider has something to look at.
Also move the css to offpage style sheet. And do the same for a bunch of the javascript to a js file.

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Dantheman001Author Commented:
Hey thanks,

I will do that.
Dantheman001Author Commented:

I have made the changes. How long does it take for the spider to pick up those changes?
Any more improvements?

If you do not see any changes in your ads in a few days I would try grabbing new hosting and if that does not work go for a new domain name.... because somehow you have been penalised if those changes are not working for you.
I would however try one last time to grab new code from Google.
Also maybe try just opening a new account. Obviously you have to use a different email address.
Dantheman001Author Commented:
Firstly, why would I be penalized?

new domain name and hosting? Yikes!
Dantheman001Author Commented:
Might I also add that the desired ad links are showing on the other pages.

Thanks for your help though -- much appreciated.
Dantheman001Author Commented:
Hey guys...waiting for help. Anybody?

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