DNS problems in W2K domain when adding Netgear FVS319 VPN router - DNS forwarding?

I have a w2k domain that has been running with two servers, a DC and an ISA server.  I am replacing the ISA server with a Netgear FVS318 VPN router (we are going to open a second office).

I set the router up with the same IP's the ISA server had and changed the DHCP settings on the DC to have the Router's IP as the Default Gateway and the DC as the primary DNS server, Router as secondary DNS server.  Clients can get on the internet, but not the domain.  If I remove the Router from the DNS settings, clients are back on the domain, but can't get on the internet.

From what I have read, I need to set up my DC server's DNS table to forward requests for external addresses.

Am I correct in this?  If so, how do I do it?  If not, what do I need to do?

Thanks in advance.
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Hi.  You should only have your Windows server as the DNS server.  
Setting up forwarding is pretty easy.
1. Open your DNS manager.
2. Right-click your DNS server --> Properties --Forwarders Tab
3. Add the ip address in the forwarders.

If you just want to use your server to resolve, you should ensure your root hints are up to date: Windows Upadte will provide them if they are not.

If you have the dot "." DNS zone, delete the dot.  Don't add any forwarders, and the server will resolve--so long as your firewall doesn't stop your server from port 53.

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stc13Author Commented:
You're right, that was easy.  Was a root server, so I deleted the "." and changed DHCP settings to point only to DC.  Reset clients' dhcp and everything is joyous!

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