Emergency: Merging Partitions created error: can no longer access data


I recently put my 200gb seagate hdd into an external enclosure. It had two NTFS partitions, one 10 gb the other the rest of the space.

While in the External Enclosure, I had a LOT of data in Drive D which I consider crucial. In the process of using Partition Magic 8 to merge the two partitions, the 10gb and the 190gb partitions, it created an error. The 190gb partition is now showing as "free space".

I'm absolutely positive that I was NOT formatting partitions, i was using the merge partition feature in partition magic 8.

What are my next steps? Currently i'm researching data recovery people to restore this data. It's WAY too expensive for me though, it'll be a absolute last resort.

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You con try some of the tools here:
You use this  www.runtime.org  getdataback recover your data on drive in all cases.
partition magic bad to use on NTFS external drive, NTFS depend on permissions, best not to use it.
Datarecovery is a last resort and often strenuous on disk-surface ..
If you " loose"  a partition ..first try something gentle like :  
Hard Drive Mechanic (gold) for NTFS ...
You'll have to "fabricate" the disk yourself .. but it'll
recover partitions WITHOUT multi-read or sampling like
most recovery proggies
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first : NEVER play with partitions without a full backup first !
Now, if all recovery software cannot help, here a link to a (cheap) data recovery company :

I absolutely agree with nobus here, and I'm sure you will now too, never play with partitions without doing a backup if there is data of any importance on that media. Actually you should have backups even when you don't tamper around. Partitionmagic doesn't have the best record of being without failures.

You can try some of the tools below (some of them may have been mentioned above already), get data back is supposed to be very good:

PC Inspector:


OnTrack DataRecovery:


Recover and Restore Deleted Files:

Other Data Recovery Tools:

Undelete 3.0:

File Recover:


Recover My Files:

File Scavenger:



FinalData Plus:

File Restore:

HDR Data Recovery:

Deleted File Analysis:

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ubers0ldatAuthor Commented:
Hi, Thanks everyone, I've managed to restore A LOT (100's of gbs) of data. However, All I ReALLY wanted was one picture folder of a recent trip. That, sadly, is lost... I can't seem to find it anywhere, I've managed to recover a few pictures from the trip but besides that, i haven't been able to get anything.


THanks,i'll award points accordingly.
Thanks too.
was this not suggested by coral47 ?
You're right, I didn't click on that link...

Via Support you can ask to reopen the question to give the credit to the correct person...
Don't worry about it.  You win some, you lose some.    : D
ubers0ldatAuthor Commented:
My apologies coral47, you did suggest the program I used, however, i used A LOT of the tools that rindi suggested to actually recover and repair the images i had originally though i had lost.

Thanks a lot for your effort.

No sweat.  
Points are nice, but getting your problem fixed is what counts.   : )
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