Configuring Cisco 1600 series Router using apple OS X

I would like to Configure my Cisco 1600 series router using my Powerbook running OS X 10.4 through the routers console port. I have connected the console cable to the ethernet port of my notebook, as it does not have a serial connection available. Will this work using this connection? Also, once I have it connected correctly, what application should I use to access the the interface of the router that will enable me to configure everything on it using the command line.
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<Will this work using this connection?>
*No, the ethernet port will not work with the Console Port.  Ethernet doesn't work here.

*To use the Powerbook, it will take some work, even so it can be done --
You would need a USB/Serial adaptor and connect via the console port using the RJ-45 Crossover as shown below.

Cisco's Admin ports with "RJ-45" style jacks are just proprietary serial ports.
1/ Cisco's cable (or make your own "rollover", NOT "crossover" cable) and
2/ An adapter from RJ-45 style to DB9 (Cisco usually supplies these).
3/ And with a Mac, you'll also need something to convert USB to DB9.

Mac<->USB2DB9<->CiscoDB92RJ45<--rollover cable-->Router

Or you will need a cable with an rj-45 jack on one end, and a DB-9 plug on the other, and a USB to serial adapter.

<what application should I use to access the the interface of the router that will enable> <me to configure everything on it using the command line.>

*Zterm &
You need some sort of program to redirect input/output to the serial port, which is basically what Z-Term does, along with providing terminal control support, if necessary. In a nutshell, allows you to communicate with the Mac, and Z-Term allows the Mac to communicate with what ever's attached to the serial port. 

The Console port is a serial port even though it uses a R-45 cable.
*However, once you have the IP set on the 1600 ethernet interface & connect to your network, then you could use Telnet services to conect from your computer ethernet Port.

*It is still easier to do initial setup via PC, if possible :)

Console Port Connection to a PC:

To connect a terminal to the console port, use the RJ-45-to-RJ-45 rollover cable, and either the RJ-45-to-DB-25 female DTE adapter or the RJ-45-to-DB-9 female DTE adapter (labeled "TERMINAL").

The default parameters for the console port are:

9600 baud
8 data bits
No parity generated or checked
2 stop bits

Console Port Signaling and Cabling using a DB-9 Adapter

<Also, once I have it connected correctly, what application should I use to access the> <interface of the router that will enable me to configure everything on it using the> <command line.>

*You powerbook OS X 10.4 comes with a Telnet client which you could use via the ethernet port connections after getting an IP address configured on the 1600.

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Hope this helps :)

Add a serial port to your Powerbook [USB-to-Serial Adaptor]:
And Zterm config:

If you already need a serial port on your Mac, than a USB-to-Serial Adaptor based on the PL-2303 chip is a cheap and convenient way to add a serial port...
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Thanks Kbbcnet..... This has helped me greatly. You are a wealth of knowledge!!! Really appreciate your quick reply! Can you tell me if there are services which exist that provide 24/7 professional IT support that u pay for by hour over the telephone. I live in Australia. If you could point me in the right direction that would be great!

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