Float returning 0.0 and not 0.05!

I'm quite new to Java - so I'm sure it might be a datatype issue or something else very simple, but:

float theResult = 50000 / 100000;

I just checked and a float is representative of 1.40129846432481707e-45 to 3.40282346638528860e+38.  So I am a little baffeled by such a simple thing!

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try this

float theResult = 1.0 * (50000 / 100000);
An integer divides by an integer will give you integer and so will result in integer 0.
0 when cast to float will give you 0.0.

To solve the problem, you need to multiply by a float (1.0) to give what you want.


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rebiesAuthor Commented:

Makes sense (a little bit), but when I try that code above I get "incompatible types".  it's telling me it found a double.

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rebiesAuthor Commented:
Even if I try casting the '1.0' as a float (I think thats what the following code does), I still get the result of "0.0"...

float theResult = (float) 1.0 * (50000 / 100000);

rebiesAuthor Commented:
Okay, thanks hongjun!  You helped me find the solution...

float theResult = (float) 50000 / (float) 100000;

So I'm just making sure to cast every number as a float before running the calculation.  This works!

to use float You must explicitly say that the numbers You are working are also float so rewrite the division this way

float theResult = 50000f / 100000f;

for that You may consider using double, it is more flexible.
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