WinForms "Session" variable?


Is there anything similar to the WebForms Session variable for WinForms? I want to add enter to a database by following a Wizard style form appearing after the can i carry the value of a field?

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Kokas79Author Commented:
What i've done so far is have all my forms inherit from a Template form and declare a property in there to store the value of the field i'm interested in, so as to use it in each form.
Any other approach?
You can add static class member to the base class and keep required data in it.
Kokas79Author Commented:
is that with the Shared keyword in VB?
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Yes, static is from C#, in VB this is Shared keyword. There is only one Shared (static) class member for all class instances, shared class member is kind of global variable.

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Kokas79Author Commented:
thank you...i implemented some shared properties.
what about the Application variables in anything like that for Winforms?
I don't think that there are additional levels in Windows forms applications. Non-shared members are kept with every class instance, and shared member is one per application. If there are number of running application instances, there is not any relation between them (unless you want to implement this using some kind of interprocess communication).
Kokas79Author Commented:
ok...i get the point...WinForms suck! at least u dont have the postbacks.....:)
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