IOS Router NAT question


Lets say I have a router with two interfaces.  The first interface has address and the second interface has address

What I want to do is NAT traffic arriving on a particular port on one interface, to an address/port on the other side of the router.

For example:

If someone connects to I want to NAT them to  The connection being instigated from the network on the side.  So in this instance, the destination IP address is NATted, and the source IP address is left intact.

What I am looking for is the static NAT command I need in IOS, and where I should put the "nat inside" and "nat outside" interface commands.  No other nat is required on the router.


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Interesting what you a trying to accomplish.  I haven't tried this in a test environment yet, although you might be able to use the following on the interfaces.

ip nat inside source static tcp 5000 4000
ip nat outside source static tcp 400010.1.1.0 5000
muffAuthor Commented:

My example called for a host to host NAT, rather than network to network, and NAT commands have two components, the nat command and the interface commands.

What I need is both and confirmation that it works if possible.

Many thanks,

I do not know the commands, but what you are attempting to do is not really a NAT, but a PAT.

Which is NAT'ing, but based on a specific destination port.  So you may want to look up PAT in the Cisco doc.  I'm 99% sure it is there, I know I have read it before, but it's been awhile.
>called for a host to host NAT
Not exactly. You want a portX to portY redirect to a different host..

Example script where traffic originates on the outside of the 10.1.1.x interface

Interface fast 0/0
 ip address
 ip nat outside

interface fast 0/1
 ip address
 ip nat inside

ip nat inside source static tcp 4000 5000

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