OS/2 error message Os/2!! sys01475 and Os/2!! sys 02027

Dear Sir,

I have OS/2 wrap 4 installed , when starting the pc i got this message.

Problem:  During a normal boot the system hangs with a black screen with
          OS\2 !! SYS03146
          OS\2 !! SYS02027
          in the upper left corner of the screen.  

i dont have os/2 installation disk to repair the issue , please provide more details how to find the installation disk , please note i dont have os/2 setup cd.


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Danny KonCommented:

Boot the OS\2 operating system from the Utility diskettes.
Insert the OS\2 Utility Diskette 1 into drive A: and then turn the
power to the system ON.  After the system has read the Utility
diskette 1, you will be requested to insert the Utility Diskette 2
into drive A: .  Insert the Utility Diskette 2 into drive A: and
hen press the Enter key.  When the system has completed reading the
Utility Diskette 2, the A:\ command prompt will be displayed on
the screen.  Next type DIR C:\ and look for the following files:
missing, then place the Utility Diskette 1 into drive A: and type
the following command:

COPY  A:\OS2LDR.MSG  C:\         (Press 'ENTER')
If the CONFIG.SYS file is missing then type the following command:


If the AUTOEXEC.BAT file is missing, then this file must be
recreated manually after OS\2 is booted from the hard drive by
using the OS\2 System Editor.  To edit the file, double click on
the OS\2 SYSTEM icon with the left mouse button.  Double click on
COMMAND PROMPTS icon.  Double click on an OS/2 WINDOW. Type E
AUTOEXEC.BAT at an OS\2 command prompt and press the Enter key.
This will start the OS\2 System Editor.  Type the following lines:

                      @ECHO OFF
                         PROMPT $i$p$g
                         REM SET DELDIR=C:\DELETE,512;
                         PATH C:\OS2;C:\OS2\MDOS;C:\OS2\MDOS\WINOS2;C:\;
                         LOADHIGH APPEND C:\OS2;C:\OS2\SYSTEM
                         REM LOADHIGH DOSKEY FINDFILE=DIR /A /S /B $*
                         REM SET DIRCMD=/A

To save the file, select FILE from the menu bar at the top and then
 select SAVE.  If you are requested to choose a file type, select TYPE
and thenchoose the PLAIN TEXT option by selecting the SET button.
Close the System Editor by double clicking on the upper left corner.
ype EXIT and press the ENTER key to leave the OS\2 command prompt.

If you can't create the Utility disks goto to the site: http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/ you can find here all kind of software



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