Invisible login by application i installed - how can i find and remove it?

I installed an application (WonderWare Intouch) which asked me to provide a login account for its services.

I gave it my login but it said 'Account already in use' and asked for another account to be entered. I entered a random account name (acc1) and password and the install was happy and proceeded on.

At the next stage of the install there was a problem and i had to cancel. I resolved the problem and re-ran the install. The second time around it again asked for a login account so i re-entered the account i had used on the previous install (acc1) but i received the response 'Account already in use' so I then had to create yet another account login (acc2).

The install completed and the app is running fine but when I went to Admin>Users I could find neither 'acc1' or 'acc2'. I was intending to have a tidy up and get rid of 'acc1' but where is it?. It was obviously created during the first install and did/does exist because the second install detected it!!
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Are you on a network with domain?
aphukAuthor Commented:
No Domain, it is a standalone PC running XP SP2
If you right click "My Computer", "Manage", and then select local users and groups, do you not see that user there either?

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aphukAuthor Commented:
Thank You. I was using the 'User Friendly' interface that only presents you with some of the accounts. Sorry for wasting your time, I was not aware of the manage option from 'My Computer'!!
No problem, thanks too. It wasn't a waste of time and you havve learnt something. That's good!

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