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Getting "local class incompatible: stream classdesc serialVersionUID"

I'm trying to generate a signature in one server (Machine I) and verify the signature in the other(Machine II).

An application in Mach II would call the login application in Mach I and verify the signature by calling the java class.

The following Steps were done:

1.The public and private keys (RSA keys) were generated in a machine (Machine I) having jdk1.3.

Java classes for signing and verifying the signature were tested in the same machine ,from command prompt which worked fine.

2.Then I split up the signature and verification code:

a.Code having signature generation was put in the machine (Machine I) where the login application runs ( it has jdk1.3)

b.Verification java code was put in the second server (Machine II).
This machine has jdk1.4.0.

This verification class compiles properly , but when run , generates  this error:

com.sun.rsajca.JS_PublicKey; local class incompatible: stream classdesc serialVersionUID = 9094240995369457189, local class serialVersionUID = 3447664454281293018

My guess is : When public key (generated in jdk1.3) is read from a mach running on jdk1.4, this prob occurs..

How to rectify this problem?

Can anyone help me out..

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