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Just curious - if anyone's minds a quick followup...

The cable runs into a splitter-type device, it comes in one side and basically out on the other (not sure why they installed it - this has the ground wire attached to it though).  From there it goes into a splitter - one side goes roughly 10 feet to the tv and the other side goes about 12-14 feet to the cable modem.

Now, in the event that I want to add cable tv in the same room with the modem - should I split the cable-tv run off to come up to another jack or can I simply split 'above-ground' at the already installed jack - and would either really matter?

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You can split the cable wherever is most convenient and aesthetically pleasing.  The decive on the cable will determine the output.  If you put a cable modem at an end, you'll get data.  If you put a box on an end, you'll hopefully get interesting programs to watch :-)

It really doesn't matter.

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