Device cannot start (CODE 10) - C-MEDIA AC97 Audio Device - How can I fix this?

Athlon 2.1 Gig Machine, I just formatted the hard drive and re-installed windows XP Home edition.  I immediately went to the windowsupdate website and loaded ALL updates (including service pack 2 since this version was older than service pack 2).

After loading all the updates and installing a new SATA hard drive, a TV card, a firewire card and an internal DVD writer,  everything works except the sound card.

The only sound the machine makes is when I move the mouse, even a fractional mouse move makes a sound that I can only describe as rapid clicks, almost like a buzzing. (quite annoying)

I have searched for and found a few drivers for this card it currently has version (I am pretty sure this is the newest driver, not positive though)

In the properties under device manager it show the error I listed in the title and it says  PCI BUS 0, device 17 function 5

When I tried the 'troubleshoot' button I got nowhere.  

This soundcard is built into the motherboard which is a BIOSTAR M7VIQ

I am making a PVR / HTPC out of this, the sound card did work originally but I needed to format the drive and reload everything because of an unrelated issue(s).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I would first, delete all sound related stuff in the control panel, download the drivers in this link to your mainboard... see if that makes all well again
did you install the motherboard drivers? (or chipset drivers) if you do not know, post the model here and we'll guide you to it.
jnriAuthor Commented:
I downloaded the BIOS update but I do not know how to install it.  I have never done that before.   But before I even try that could you specualte as to why this board/soundcard worked previous to this (and it certainly did)  - As I just mentioned I never updated the BIOS before.


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At this point I would not update the BIOS...... rather download the drivers for the audio. I imagine that the previous installation had the drivers installed by the builder of the PC

this is the file I would download and install

I would agree with oldgreyguy dont be to hasty to update the bios. I would suggest you may have a software conflict problem.

I had exactly the same problem whilst trying to install a TV card with Nero 6 over Realtek AC97 on board sound card. I resolved by uninstalling Nero, sound card drivers and the TV card hardware, down loading the latest drivers for the sound card and TV card and loading in order, first sound card then TV card then Nero 6. Hope this helps. This took me a week to resolve so best of luck.

Mobo MSI 6741 K8MM, XP Home, Hauppauge WinTV PVR 150

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Here's a link to Microsoft's error code chart.

Although MS recommends re-installing driver, that does not always work.  Error code can also be caused by a device (IRQ) conflict.  Have you added any PCI cards to your PC?

First step is to install chipset and mobo drivers as recommended by nobus.  If no help, follow oldgreyguy's recommendations.

I agree that a BIOS update should not be required.

Post back with additional info if none of the above work.
jnriAuthor Commented:

It's interesting how similar our setups are.  I have the same TV card and I also loaded NERO (which i DESPISE... I HATE every piece of software these guys ever wrote and I hope I never see another piece of their software again)  AND zero was *not* installed when I mentioned the soundcard worked previously.

I will try what you did and see what happens.

I've had several instances of this problem (usually on older machines).I believe this problem occurs when a buffer fills up. However, I'm not exactly sure of the cause.
jnriAuthor Commented:
Okay, I guess we have some progress here.  I de-installed everything and also downloaded the MOBO and chipset drivers from the BIOSTAR website.

Good News: The error has gone away

Bad News: I get no sound

Windows Media player which previously gave me an error saying it couln't play an MP3 file becuase the sound card was not working correctly now looks like
it is working fine.  I just don't hear anything.

I checked the volume, Made sure the device was active, the speakers are plugged in correctly. Nothing is muted.

One odd sympton: the mouse clisks so fast its like a buzzing sound everytime I move the mouse.  Thats the only sound I hear.

Any ideas?
Had this problem before,

I would suggest that you disable the AC97 card in BIOS first. and determine if the clicks are continued.

IF they are discontinued, i would recomend buying a new sound card(like a soundblaster).. i did and i have been VERY happy with the auido.

As a side note i have a TV card as well...and the sound is MUCH better with the soundblaster.
I entirely agee with your comment on Nero software, a waste of money and nothing but trouble from the first time I loaded it.

I am currently looking for good alternative.

Your problem with no sound also occured during my search for resolution, in fact this was a more common state for me to end up in !!
It appeared to be because a peice of software, Goldwave in my case, had commandeered the audio device or Media Player (another peice of bug ridden software) had gotten the hump with Goldwave. Reloading Media Player solved that.
jnriAuthor Commented:
Are you saying that re-installing windows media player solved a no-sound problem?  I am getting no sound except for the annoying buzzing when I move my mouse.  I am not getting ANY standard windows sounds or software generated music/noises either.

If thats what your saying do you have any idea how that could happen?
did you check that the sound was enabled in the bios? after the bios update?
i would delete the sound entry in device manager, and reinstall the latest driver for it.
I take it you check for the proper sound device in the sound section, audio tab.
jnriAuthor Commented:
I was able to get this straightened out. I went back and unloaded everything and reloaded it all... took hours..I wasn't sure exactly which steps were the ones that fixed so I tried to be as fair as possible.  You were all very helpful.

Thanks Much

I've had the same problem with c-media AC97 in different computers including the one I 'm working on today.

I would install, uninstall, and reinstall it over and over using the driver in the c-media folder on the CD that came with the motherboard.  Nothing worked.

Then I found a utility that checks the Codec and it told me it was a Realtek codec.  Lo and behold , there was a realtek folder (SIS, c-media,  and a couple of others) in the sound card driver folder.

This fixed the problem.  It was simply the wrong driver.  The utility is on my CD and is called Codec_check.  Sorry, I don't know where to find it on the net.

If you have the original sound drivers, go to device manager, click on the sound device and update drivers....point to where your oringinal drivers are located...this should solve the problem
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