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joining a domain over VPN

svasu1 asked
I have Xp pro at home , and i want to join the computer to my office domain via company VPN
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What kind of a VPN connection do you have?  If it's hardware based, shouldn't be a problem.  Make sure that your PC is configured with a valid IP, DNS and possibly WINS settings and this should be pretty easy to do.

However, if you have a software VPN, then it very much depends on your client configuration.  For example, if you are using the MS VPN client, then it should be possible to invoke this at startup time to log you into the domain when you log into your workstation.  However, if you are using the 3rd party client, you may not be able to invoke the VPN until you have logged into your PC locally and fired up the client.  This will often cause you problems with cached credentials.

My preference would be for as hardware connection using a dedicated SOHO VPN firewall/router.  Better still, configure it to force all activity through the VPN to prevent pweople accessign the net directly through the router.
You will need to make sure your home PC is using the appropriate DNS servers to resolve the domain name.  What VPN client are you using?  With Nortel VPN clients, there is a name servers option in Tools, you can setup the DNS servers to use during VPN connections and the domain name.  I'm sure Cisco and other VPN clients have the same type of options.  With the appropriate permissions to join a workstation to a domain and the correct setup, you shouldn't have any issues.
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Hstiles reminded me of problems with logging in after joining, you can in some cases install the VPN client as a service instead of an application and it should try and connect before logging in occurs.  

Again, sorry for the duplicate info.